Happy Holidays!

Hello Everyone, welcome back to my blog! In todays blog post, I’m going to be talking about holidays! More specifically, holiday traditions! I’m going to be talking about one of my family traditions that I do during Christmas time!

Now I don’t know about you guys, but Christmas is one of my favourite holidays, and every Christmas Eve I spend my evening at my Nonna and Nonno’s house and have a big Italian Christmas dinner! It’s one of my favourite parts of Christmas because I get to spend time with my dad, cousins and little brother! 

Christmas and Halloween are my two favourite holidays! I like Halloween because there’s candy and scary movies and dressing up and walking around with friends. 

Another thing I’m going to do in this Holiday blog is share a Holiday poem written by yours truly. 

Christmas, what a wonderful time of the year

Many people cheer

To celebrate with peers

Making Christmas cookies

Happy  and kooky

What a wonderful time of year.

Thank you for reading my post! Hope you enjoy!