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November 2020

The German SS

Hi there, it’s blog time. This week has been big folks. We started a brand new project and are already 1 milestone down. Just to fill you in a little bit, this new project is all about World War II… Continue Reading →

The greatest Canadian, and podcast?

Yo, and welcome back to the blog. We actually just managed to finish our project, and get everyone in the class to make a podcast episode. A mad impressive accomplishment if you ask me. Basically, this project was about making… Continue Reading →

The human condition?

Hello there blog goers. Welcome to week 4 of my weekly review posts. This past week was a busy one, with a lot of editing, and listening to the sound of my own voice. It wasn’t the most fun to… Continue Reading →

Text features :p

Hey ~ welcome back 2 the blog :)))) It’s week 3! I know in both other posts I’ve said the weeks were chaotic, but this week was a whole other level! We had big milestones to finish, and not the… Continue Reading →

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