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June 2019

Spring exhibition… dang

(WARNING THIS WILL PROBABLY BE A LONG BLOG POST) Hey guys welcome back, today is special because it’s THE LAST BLOG POST OF THE YEAR! it’s been quite a ride, and I’m both sad and excited to be finished! But… Continue Reading →

Colonizing in a Tempest⚡️

OH MY GOSH IT’S FINALLY SUMMER AND SOMEHOW IM STILL DOING SCHOOLWORK! Sorry about that…….. anyways, hey guys, welcome back! Today we are talking about colonizing in a tempest! If you are a little confused about what that means, don’t… Continue Reading →

Tpols…… I’m scared

Hello, welcome to my T-Pols! Today as you probably know, we are reflecting! So now I am going to take you through my journey of learning for this year, and I hope you enjoy! Let’s start with humanities. Humanities has… Continue Reading →

PGP… Time machine

Hey guys, I’m back! Today we are talking about PGP. If you don’t happen to know what this acronym is it stands for personal growth plan. PGP so far has been a course where we focus on 3 things goal… Continue Reading →

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