Hello, welcome to my T-Pols! Today as you probably know, we are reflecting! So now I am going to take you through my journey of learning for this year, and I hope you enjoy!

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Let’s start with humanities. Humanities has been one of my favourite classes this year and I’ve learned some awesome things! I have also grown a lot as a learner in humanities. I know this because when I look back at my blog posts from the start of the year, and even from a few months ago, I can see how much better I’ve gotten at reflecting, answering the driving questions, and even doing project work. To emphasize this I want to show you my very first humanities project and reflection versus my most recent humanities project and reflection. My oldest post was about my Deep Cove advertisements. When I look back on the post, I wrote very little, didn’t reflect and barely even explained what the project was! Then there is my most recent humanities blog post, which is about worldview and re-creating “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It” song. In that post I clearly go over what the project about, reflect on what it actually taught me and wrote much more! Mostly, I am proud of all my work in humanities this year! I have certainly improved my work and how I learn and I am looking forward to improving more next year! To help me improve, I have a big goal. My goal is to get better at reflection during blog posts. I think if I can become better at reflecting, it will really help me understand more about what I learned in the projects. I will do that by taking more time when reflecting and looking back through the project more deeply to see what I really learned. 

DI Where teamwork is tested…..

Next up is Maker! Maker has been a class where I think I have learned a lot of skills. In humanities we’ve learned a lot of history, facts, and how to do projects, which are all very helpful things to know. But in maker we learn much more about communication, how to work in groups, and how to brainstorm and execute ideas in ways you never thought you could. At the start of the year I didn’t know much about group projects. After all, the  extent of my experience of working in a group in elementary school was basically Novel Studies. My DI project (here’s the evidence in my blog post) changed all of that. Before then I never really needed to communicate to the groups I was working in, you just sort of showed up at school and did what you could, but in DI we needed to always be on top of everything. We were always communicating about who needed to do what, who needed to get what, and whose job it was to do whatever task was next. DI taught me communication on a whole other level, but it also taught me a lot about leadership. Leadership in DI meant sometimes you had to take charge if things weren’t going the way they needed them to go, and it was up to you to get things back on track. But the best thing about learning all these  skills is I know I will use them for the rest of my life, because being able to work in groups or teams is a big part of life. Before we talk about scimatics I have one big goal for next year. My goal is to find a way to communicate more effectively. In DI we were always sending frantic texts and information was sometimes misinterpreted or completely lost in the frenzy of messages. So I want to find a way to communicate with less mess. I am going to do that by using base camp more, because iMessage can get hectic very fast but base camp is much more calm and you can even add things like to do’s! Overall I think I have learned a lot in maker, although some of the skills I have learned may need improving, but I know that they are all valuable skills that I will continue to use.

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Thirdly we have scimatics! Scimatics is quite hard to reflect on because we didn’t do that many projects. Despite that, I know that I learned a lot in scimatics this year.  I have learned about many subjects and types of math, and all of them are useful! In my mPol I talked a lot about finding ways to stay engaged if I am feeling uninterested and I feel scimatics has been a good place to practice that. I know that sounds bad but I find myself very uninterested in math sometimes, and by practising asking questions and keeping myself interested, I have been doing a lot better in math. Although I have gotten much better at keeping myself interested in math when I’m not feeling interested, that is still my goal and I want it to become much easier!

For the last subject PGP! Now PGP has been an EXTREMELY helpful course. I have become a much better student because of PGP. As you can see in my Time Machine blog post I have really learned a lot from PGP this year. My favourite project will have had to be the productivity and goal-setting section, where we read the book “What Do You Really Want” and wrote in the journals alongside other activities. That was my favourite section because it taught me the most. The tips I learned from productivity I use all the time, and the rules we learned about goal-setting are what I use all the time when I set goals for myself. My goal for PGP in the next year is to keep up with my calendar and “things” apps. Although I really love both those apps, sometimes I slack off and forget to use them. My goal for next year is to keep more on top of those apps!

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Now that I’ve gone through every subject, I have to talk about me, and more specifically my work ethic. I don’t think my work ethic has changed a whole lot since my Mpol. I think I am still a hard worker who gets things done. For example in DI, I would stay after school doing things almost every day. I worked hard and put a lot of effort in so we could do good at DI. But aside from work ethic I also want to talk about my work habits. My work habits have greatly improved since the start of the year (thanks to PGP) and I have gotten much better at not procrastinating. Nowadays when I need to do my work I try time block it out and use “things” to help me prioritize and get things done. But there’s always room for improvement.  Next year I want to get even better at getting things done quicker, because sometimes even when I time block I still end up going over time, and I want to get better at getting my work done quicker. I can do this by making more plans in my head of what I need to write, draw, or do which means things will happen faster. 

Finally, I just want to say, I think I am ready for next year. When I look back through my work I am proud of the improvement I’ve made, and I think next year I will improve even more. I am excited for the new experiences I will get have, the new people I will work with, and even the mistakes I’ll make, because I know I’ll learn from all of them. Finally my goal for next year is to improve my writing and reflection in my blog posts, because I know that’s something I need to work on. It will take a lot of effort on my part and I might need help reading over my posts to spot what I need to fix, but I think I can do it and I’ve got all of next year to try! Thank you for listening to my Tpol and I’ll see you next year!