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Stories of Hope, and Mountains

Hope is seemingly essential to climb a mountain. This is something I learned in our most recent project. It was a project about defining things like hope, resilience, and adversity. Throughout it, we looked at various stories of hope and… Continue Reading →

Stories of hope

What is a story of hope? This is the question we were tasked with answering in this post. It comes from the week we have just spent tackling four sets of stories. These stories talked about surviving shark attacks, cancer,… Continue Reading →

The Fire

Hi and welcome back to my blog. We just completed a PLP project unlike any I’ve ever done before. In this project, we became the teachers for real. With complete lesson plans, 30 minute presentations, and activities for the whole… Continue Reading →

The Final Mpol

My final Mpol, tragic isn’t it? Horrifyingly I’m growing up. But the hope still remains that I’ve managed learned a little. Today I want to reflect on some of the learning I’ve done so far this year. The positives and… Continue Reading →


Reading is important. So is self improvement. This is why we just finished up a project all about both of these things. In the careers class that I’ve taken this year, there’s been two underlying themes, self improvement, and planning… Continue Reading →

The Horror of 22

What scares you? This was the first question asked at the start of our horror project, a project we’ve just finished. In this project we were tasked to think about our own fears, the fears of other people, and societal… Continue Reading →

The Root of all Horror?

Hello there welcome back to my blog, it has certainly been a long time. Now at the moment I’m fairly close to the end of a project all about horror. But before I finish up this horrific project, I’ve got… Continue Reading →

TPol 2022

Hello everyone and welcome to the third TPol of my high school career. It feels like it’s gone shockingly fast, and for the most part, surprisingly well. Today we’re going to discuss my learning from this year, what worked and… Continue Reading →

Persuade me…

Hi and welcome back to my blog. We’ve just wrapped up an interesting little project all about persuasive writing. Our driving question was “How can I use my voice to affect change?”, and our goal was to change someone’s opinion… Continue Reading →

Making A Movie.

Yo and welcome back to my blog. I think we’ve just completed our biggest project to date, we created a movie. In this project we studied Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, as well as the Cold War, and this movie was all… Continue Reading →

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