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Podcast Project

WW2 – A Shift In History

Whattup and welcome to the blog. We’ve just wrapped up yet another podcast episode, and project. This one was all about WW2. We were supposed to create a podcast episode that answered the driving question HOW MIGHT WE USE STORIES… Continue Reading →

The greatest Canadian, and podcast?

Yo, and welcome back to the blog. We actually just managed to finish our project, and get everyone in the class to make a podcast episode. A mad impressive accomplishment if you ask me. Basically, this project was about making… Continue Reading →

P.O.V You Made A Trailer

Hey, hey, hey! And welcome back to this wonder of a blog. Today we’re talking about the new overwhelming sound in my life, podcasts. In case you didn’t know PLP 10’s big theme this year is audio (last year was… Continue Reading →

Who Are You?

Identity? What does it really mean? When it comes down to it, Who Are You? These were the rather tough question, we were challenged with answering in this post. Identity, of course has a literal definition, but every persons identity… Continue Reading →

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