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Hola amigos y bienvenidos de nuevo a mi blog. Esta semana les contaré todo sobre mis vacaciones en la República Dominicana, con una breve parada en las cataratas del Niágara. For people who didn’t understand that I said “hello friends and welcome back to my blog. This week I will be telling you all about my vacation to the dominicain republic, with a short stop in Niagara falls.” I know it seems weird to go on a vacation in the beginning of November just for fun but we did have a reason.

My brother is in grade 11 and is starting to have an idea of what he wants to study in University. He wants to do a sports management course and one of the only places they teach that in Canada is in a school called Brock. Brock University is about 20 minutes away from Niagara Falls and they happened to be having an open day and tour on the 4th of November. Also all of the all-inclusive packages in the Dominican flew out of Toronto. So we thought why not spend the weekend in Niagara Falls, and have my brother and mom go to the open day, and then we’ll fly down the the Dominican Republic from there.

I loved this trip and had such an amazing time. In Niagara Falls we got to see the waterfalls in darkness and light. We also explored Niagara on the lake, wine country just outside of the tourist area, and we got to play around in Clifton Hill. Since I have been to Niagara Falls before this wasn’t new to me except the wine country. Very close to Niagara Falls there is a city with lots of lakes and locks, and they also grow grapes to make wine with there. It was super interesting and I ended up going to a museum there to learn more about the city’s history.


For the first two days in the Dominican we lazily payed around the beach and pool swimming and playing around. However on our third day we did and excursion and explored the Dominican. We saw a school there, we saw a hand rolled cigar company, we went to a family’s house where they own their own coffee and cocoa business, and lastly went boogie boarding. This was one of my top things from the whole trip. It was so cool to see real Dominican life and culture, not too mention some of the views were gorgeous. The next day we spent the morning at the beach, but once it became 4 we got ready to do another excursion. This time, baseball. The MLB gets tons and tons of Dominican players and its such a big thing there. So, since our family is a group of baseball lovers we decided to go see a game. Before going to the game we went to a small town where all the famous people go on vacation and got to look around. The area was beautiful. At the baseball game the environment was crazy. Everyone there loved the game and was so into it. It was such an amazing thing to see and be a part of.

This was one of my best vacations ever and I would love to go back, and to any of you who might want to go I highly recommend it. There is the perfect balance of fun, beaches, pools, great food, cool culture, and baseball.


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