Power Play or How it Started

Do you want to know how I became a medieval art piece? Keep reading to find out!

The driving question for this project was “What can we learn from the past and why does it matter to us today?” We can learn lots from the past, such as learning about the societies. The Haudenosaunee and the Feudal system were societies, and they helped shape our nation today. Read more, because all these assignments helped answer the driving question. Learning about how different people lived really changed my mindset about the past. It must’ve been hard to live in that time period. Read more to see what’s up with the rest of the project! 

We explored many new areas in this project, and they all helped to make my final project the best it could be. 

The Book of the Lion

The book we read in this project is called The Book of the Lion. This book was set in the medieval times. I enjoyed this book, but I don’t think it would be my first choice. 

We started this project off by learning about how different societies were run. The ones we looked closely at were the Haudenosaunee and the Feudal. 

The Haudenosaunee 

We read a passage about the Haudenosaunee confederacy, the systems of government, the grand council, the clan system, and women’s rights in this time period. 

Our first assignment from the reading was we had to create something- a blog post, drawing, or MindNode to show our understanding and perspective of the Haudenosaunee. We then had to explain what our creation represented. I used sketches pro for this drawing. 

I chose to draw how the five nations came together to create one big nation. I handed in my drawing with two short paragraphs explaining how the 5 different societies came together to make one big society, and how I took perspective on the Haudenosaunee nation.  

I didn’t meet all of the criteria on this  assignment, so I got a revision sign. 🔄 

I reread the criteria, and made my thinking more clear. My revision came out much cleaner, neater, and it explained what I needed to fix.


Feudal System Window Notes 

While we were reading the passage about the Feudal system, we made notes on it in Sketches Pro. We had to have 5-6 points in each box, which I didn’t read, so I received a 🔄 on this assignment. I went back, read the criteria, and handed in my updated one that I had so many notes on, my writing ended up outside the 4 quadrants. 

Second Draft

First Draft


Shared Beliefs Pic and Reflection 

This felt like it was one of the harder assignments in this project. We did this assignment in class, and it was hard, because not everyone in ur group was helping. It doesn’t matter though, because not every person is going to work hard, and there’s always a couple of people who don’t contribute to the group a lot. I had trouble with this because I felt like I didn’t fully understand the assignment. I first submitted the work we did on the whiteboards.  

Once I had finished this, I got started on the question- what similarities do you see between the changes in Christianity and Islam? I finished this and was feeling pretty good until… 🔄. Again! I forgot to answer the SECOND question! I was frustrated and so I set off to answer question number 2! I was starting to write a very detailed couple of paragraphs in Showbie when my paragraphs deleted. From then on, I always write things in Pages before I put the document in Showbie. I spent a long time on this, and it was worth it because I got proficient! ✅   


 This is the pages document that I handed in. I answered the second one in full detail and in my opinion, it looks really good!

Artwork Choice Chart 

This was definitely the hardest part of this project. We had to create a chart with the 7 different aspects of worldview plus our main image, which was from the medieval times and from the app, Google Arts and Culture. The 7 aspects of worldview are geography, time, society, values, beliefs, economy and knowledge.

This was confusing because I didn’t understand how to do it. Once I had figured it out, all that was left to do, was fill in every box… seems like a lot. It wasn’t actually bad at all. I got into a groove, and all of a sudden the time flew by and I was done! I had to make a couple of changes once I had consulted Ms. Willemse, but I got back on track pretty quickly. 

Artwork Starring You! 

This artwork piece was the final product of all the assignments we did throughout this project. I am really proud of how this artwork came out, and it reflects how much work I put into it. This was hard, because we were learning how to use a new app. We started out by learning the basics of the app, and how to navigate all the tools. This app is called SuperimposeX.

The next step to making this was putting the photo in. We had to use the mask tool to remove the background form our image. The images we used from our artwork choice chart were the 7 images we inputted into our SuperimposeX document. We could choose where to put them, for example I put the crown on my head, that was taken from the image of King John in the society category. Once I had put all the images in, I just tweaked a few thongs and them I was set to hand it in.  

I was really proud of how this turned out, and it was worth all the other assignments, because I think it looks really good. 


This was a vey exciting project. It had lots of ups and downs, but I really liked how it turned out, and overall it was a super fun project. I think I have reached Proficiency in risk project because I have demonstrated how even if you get a revision, its not the end of the world, and you can still fix your mistakes. I have made so many mistakes in this project, it’s too many to count, but I kept on moving, and I think the final product looks good. I would definitely do this again, because it was fun for the most part, except for the revisions. Overall I really enjoyed this project, and learning how to use new apps. 

Thanks for reading! Keep your eyes peeled for my next post!


It’s The End Of The World As We Know It!

4 weeks of reading, 4 role sheets, hours of writing lyrics, and I end up with a music video.

In Humanities, our first project was called It’s The End Of The World As We Know It. The driving question for this project was “How can a text help me understand myself as my worldview is changing?” We explored many different assignments within this project, which all worked towards the music video we created at the end. 

We started reading The Outsiders to begin our project, and I was pushed into the world of Ponyboy. I wasn’t particularly interested in the book at first, we were meeting the characters and learning how they lived, but more I read, the better it got.    

Role Sheets

After we finished reading 3 chapters, we did a role sheet. The role sheet was a way for our teacher to make sure we were reading, and we discussed it with our group in class that day. We reflected after each discussion, and then handed it in to either get feedback, or get a check mark meaning that you did it properly. 

One of my favourite things we did in this project was my MindNode. Lots of people said it was hard but I liked it. This app in one I will definitely use in the future. It’s a mind map, where you can add on to it, but the app organizes it, so it’s easy to read.  

I worked for a long time making sure I had no spelling mistakes, and that it all made sense. I love how I can make it look super neat, becasue I don’t like handing things in that are messy. 






We  made this meme that was supposed to represent our groups’ western worldview. I do not think that we did a good job on this because it doesn’t really show our understanding of western worldview.

This was our description:

This meme shows western worldview because in our world our bank accounts are reliable. Some people are a lot more stressed knowing that their money is not safe, but the cat face shows that we are happy because our money is safe in the bank.

 Venn Diagram

This Venn diagram was something I did for the setting reflection. We brainstormed what is different about the 1960’s and now, and what is the same. I then explained how the text of the novel is still relevant today by writing this short paragraph.

The text is still relevant today because there are still gangs, and lots of violence. There are 434 gangs in Canada, and most of them are violent. These kids/adults need help, because some of the reasons they run away are that they lost their family, or their family is mean and doesn’t appreciate them.


Where I got my information.

But wait! Do you want to watch my music video?

First I will go through the steps to making the music video.

At first, we didn’t know that we were singing in a group, but we did know we were singing by ourselves. I DO NOT like singing, so I wasn’t very pleased about this. We hopped on the long twisty rollercoaster of making our song lyrics. I had trouble with this. I don’t know what it was, but I found it very challenging. I started off by printing the lyrics out to REM’s song It’s the End of the World as we Know it, and then I counted the syllables in each line. I thought long and hard about my transition from elementary to high school. I began with rhyming words, and then seeing if they sounded good together. 


I was ecstatic when I found out I didn’t have to sing by myself! Right away, the 3 of us combined our lyrics into one really good song. In my group, I was with Robin and Samual. As soon as we finished our lyrics, we jumped right into recording the song. We used an app called GarageBand to keep our vocals and the background music in.

Music Video Madness

Making the music video was stressful because there were a lot of different components to think about and include. We had to make our lyrics, record our group singing, and then add all of the photos in for the video part. It was a lot, so I had to find a way to make it seem like there was less. I just focused on what I could do in the moment, and not worry about everything else ahead of me. Once we had our song recorded, we  it into iMovie where we added all sorts of photos. The video was about our transition from elementary to high school, so we had photos of graduation, with our friends, baby photos, and more. 

The Best Part!

Although it took a lot of work, I am proud of the final outcome. In class we got to watch the Outsiders movie. We had to do a Venn Diagram while we were watching that was my Worldview against their Worldview. The movie was ok, but the book was definitely better.


This project went well for my very first project. Something I could work on would be keeping track of my work better. A lot of the time I was behind, so in the future, I will use Things more to manage my work. I think that our music video turned out really well, and I am proud of it. I have learned lots of new things while in this project such as using  like iMovie, GarageBand, and MindNode. I learned how to input recorded song lyrics into , and then record vocals on top of that. 

Thank you for reading! Keep watching for the next post!




We just completed a big project in Maker. The driving question for this project was ‘who am I as a PLP learner?’ In answering this question, we visited multiple areas including learning how to use multiple apps such as WordPack and Keynote. Within the apps, we discovered how to use the drawing tools, all of the features within the paintbrush ( in Keynote ), animation, and how to remove the background off of images. 


But wait! Before I get into showing my work, you should check out my YouTube video! You can find my YouTube channel here. That’s for my YouTube channel, but if you want to see my very first post, then watch it below:


We went through many small assignments to come up with the keynote presentation. The first one was making a Memoji. 

The first step was to make my Memoji. I chose my specific hair colour, skin tone, freckles, nose shape, and face shape. Once I had completed my Memoji, I revisited the criteria for this project. We had to use colour fill, an image from the web, image fill, gradient fill, removing the background from an image, adding an outline on a shape, and animating all stickers on my laptop.

This was a fun assignment for me. Despite all of the fun I had with this project, I definitely have some areas I could work on. One area that I could definitely improve on would be putting less stickers on my laptop. I had so many things I wanted to put on, that I couldn’t decide how to cut the number down. My favourite sticker on my laptop would be the soccer ball because soccer is my favourite sport. I am at the soccer field 4-5 times a week, and I love every minute of it.


My least favourite part of my presentation would be my user manual. I had trouble thinking about what to write, and I made some mistakes when I handed it in. I revised it, and came out with a user manual looking a lot better and that didn’t have the mistakes from before. The user manual is a guide to myself as a learner and as a person. If you want to learn more about me as a person, then go check out my    About me  page, where I show my full user manual! 


Reflecting back on this assignment and knowing that it wasn’t my favourite, I could definitely work on some things. I feel like I rushed this project, when I could’ve calmed down and been more thoughtful about it. 


I really enjoyed making my ‘I am’ photo. The criteria for this assignment was we had to take a selfie and then use our descriptions that we brainstormed before to write on our photo. These are my descriptions. I used these as a resource for which phrase I was going to use.   

I don’t really think I have anything to work on in this photo. I think I could probably make it cleaner and less crowded, but I think its pretty good.


I was really proud of my WordPack. The app WordPack is pretty easy to understand, including its functions and features. It is really self explanatory. Despite the fact that it didn’t take too long, I had a lot of fun creating my WordPack. I don’t believe that I can improve on anything because I didn’t create the shape. Overall, I am happy with the words, shape, and colour. 

The first step to making a WordPack is inputting the text you want. I used the ‘I am’ statements from above as inspiration for this. Then you get to choose the shape! I chose a butterfly because they are so elegant, graceful, and because it looked good with the colour and how it filled the page. The most exciting step is for last. Colour! You can either choose an already made colour palette, or you can design your own.


This wasn’t particularly one of my favourite parts of this project. I learned a lot within this project, such as colour fill, image fill, using and changing shapes from the shape library. Despite learning all of those helpful skills, the most important one was animation. I learned how to animate all 3 of my shapes. I now know how to spin shapes clockwise and counterclockwise, move shapes different directions, and change the intro and outro.

Reflecting back on this project, I think that I could’ve spent more time making the background better.   

Watch my fidgets:  First Draft       Second Draft



The Nike shoe we created was super fun! I expanded my skills in multiple areas, such as learning more about colour fill, the drawing tool bar, and adding shapes/images to it. We started this project by going through a presentation Mr. Harris created on Keynote. We explored how to use multiple skills throughout this process. This was very helpful because he explained how to use specific skills through activities he made in the presentation. We could edit the activities so we could try them ourselves. My favourite was the Nike shoe. 

I chose dark green for the main outline of the shoe, because it’s my favourite colour. I changed the colour of the stitching to white from black, so it stood out against the green. Lastly, I added a soccer ball sticker because soccer is my favourite sport! I really like how the whole shoe matches. 

I don’t think I could improve on this shoe in any way. I think that all the colours work together in a nice way. I like how the background matches          with the shoe.


I can use these skills in many places now and in the future. 

Making presentations will require using a lot of these skills. I will know how to use keynote, a reliable stable app to use for presentations. I now know how to embed a video into a presentation, acquire all the features in keynote, and much more. 

I can also be super helpful by teaching others all of the cool things I now know. I think that all these skills will come in handy someday, doing something random. Editing a video to post, I don’t have to think twice about how to do it, it just becomes muscle memory. 


I really appreciate everyone reading my posts. It means a lot, because I spend lots of time creating my posts, and all my work.

Keep watching for my next post!  

My Soccer Journey

Hi, welcome to my first post ever.  Our teacher wanted us to make a post on anything, so I chose soccer. I hope you enjoy it!

BCSPL importance and success:

Soccer is important to me for 2 main reasons, but I play for many other reasons too.

  1. I can play at a high level with girls who are just as competitive as me, and they like soccer just as much.
  2. I can have fun with my friends, and travel to places for tournaments.

I love playing at a high level, because I can compete with competitive girls, and play soccer on a team where everyone wants to win and do well.

I love having fun with my team celebrating wins, goals, and success. We work well as a team, and love to play for and with each other.

Playing in tournaments will always be super fun! My coach puts us into player rooms together, so we are its each other 24/7 and its the best! We play soccer, go to the pool, eat, and do fun activities together. We have only played in two tournaments together because we have only been together for two years, but we won them both! The first one was in Seattle, and I was captain which was a great accomplishment.






The next tournament we were in was this past summer in Portland. This game was particularly stressful being it went into penalties. I was last to walk up to the spot. At that point the score was 4-4.

This is me taking my penalty:



I play for NVFC BCSPL 2010 girls. This is the team I’ve been on for the past 2 years.

Before BCSPL:

Before I made the BCSPL team a couple of years ago, I played on the Strikers, the Div. 1 team before we had tryouts for BCSPL.

Siena is on this team too. You can find her blog here.

The Strikers were coached by my Dad, Marta’s Dad, and Lexi’s Dad. We were a very successful team. We practiced hard, worked hard and ran hard. It was a super fun team, despite the fact we had to do a thing called the 5 minute mile. The 5 minute mile was more like 10 minutes, and it was running without a ball. We did ran around the 18 yard box, sprinting the long ends, jogging the short runs. The coaches thought this was a critical thing to do, and now I am thankful, but then, I have to admit it wasn’t the most enjoyable activity.

Before the Strikers I played on multiple teams, such as Whitecaps, and the Sparklers (yes, the Sparklers. It was when I was like age 5-9).

U5                                    U6                                   U7                                  U8                                   U9

Here are some photos of me in when I was younger playing and enjoying soccer:

My favourite players:

My favourite players of all time from women’s soccer have to be Christine Sinclair.

Christine is the captain of the Canadian Women’s national soccer team. She is gritty, hard working, and a great leader on and off the field. Christine Sinclair started playing soccer at the age of 4 for an under 7 team. Christine made her national team debut in 2000. She has 190 goals, record with both men and women, and she has played 327 matches for Canada. On her off season time, Christine plays with the Portland Thorns. Christine Sinclair has announced her retirement. Here is the link to the new about it all. a/sports/soccer/christine-sinclair-retirement-soccer-canada-1.7002619

If you want to join a sport, soccer is the one!  It’s fun, inclusive, and it’s a great way to make new friends! You can join at any time, and learn how to play. You don’t have to start young like I did. I know professionals who started playing soccer when they were 12, and sometimes even 15!

Thank you so much for reading  my post, and I hope you enjoyed it! Keep watching for my next post!


Welcome to my blog! My name is Julia, and I enjoy playing sports, art, being active, and hanging out with my friends.


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