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What it do young bloods! Back again with my 3rd blogpost of the week. Now this post is for humanities and it’s all about the big war. No there’s no world war slatt unfortunately, but there is a wold war 1 and that’s all about what this project was focused on. This was either our first or second project lead by Mr. H-Dawg. (I haven’t asked to call him that yet. Pretty sure it’ll be a hard no so I’ll stick to Mr. Harris.) Anyway the end goal of this project was to make none other than…. A comic book! I was super exited when I heard this because I LOVE comics. I’ve been reading comics since I was like 9 or so. I’ve since upped my comic standards and starting reading Batman comics. But this isn’t the place to geek out on Batman comics. This is strict business. Regardless of me being exited to make another comic (there was a science project on making comics last year) there was still doubt in my mind because last years comic project wasn’t the greatest. Anyways it’s time to embark on this learning journey!

Our first step into this project was just Mr. Harris showing and teaching us the basics of comics. How to read them all the different things about them blah blah blah, all stuff I was already very familiar with. One thing that kind of shocked me was that not everyone knew how to read comics. Anyway once we got the basics down and did a few worksheets on them we got introduced to the graphic novel we would be reading to help us understand this project.


Along with reading this book came many reflections but I must say not only was the book interesting but I was actually enjoying learning. Crazy. I definitely learned a lot more out of a comic then I thought I would. Apart from the comic reading and reflections we also did a pretty deep dive into the history of WW1 the leading events, main events and post war events. Once we finished the book and gained a reasonable amount of knowledge of the war we where told to work on the book but there was a catch. The book had to be about Canadas involvement on the war. So once we found that out we did a little bit of learning on Canadas overall involvement then where tasked to pick a small segment of the war where Canada helped out the most. There where only 3 people per topic so we had to choose fast. Luckily I got my first choice, the 2nd battle of Ypres. So, I’m sure you all know what happens next, we got to researching and a few more worksheets.

Once we got our research done we had to make a storyboard. Pretty simple. After that we had to make a rough draft of the comic. I didn’t actually finish that part because I took too long making my actual character. Next was the big part. Making the comic and boy was it harder than I though it would be. I probably spent too much time on the drawings but I found myself in quite the pickle about half way through the comic. This pickle being: I had no idea what the rest of my story was going to be. The other half of my comic was more or less made up as I went while still making it historically accurate. I ended up handing it in I think 2 days late? Dosnt matter because I was quite pleases on how it was looking. Now before I show you this book let me give you a little bit of a spoiler free summary.

Joe Bofa was a farmer until he got enrolled in the Canadian military, battalion 27. Joe and another soldier, dequavios, become best friends and go to passchaendale together. Little do they know what horrors they will find there 😦

Spooky. So without further ado here is my comic.

overall this project was pretty enjoyable and I 💯 learned a lot. I had a really fun time making the comic and believe it or not I actually had a fun time learning as well! Well that’ll do it for this blog

Slatt Slatt





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