Emoji Extravaganza!

You can have an endless amount of fun with emoji. You can do math games, create stories, express your emotions, and most importantly, be funny!

Here is an example of how you can use emoji to write a story.

Once upon a time there was a race between two fire trucks, it got really funny when one of the drivers was painting a random girl’s nails while listening to really happy music. After he finished painting the girls nails he made and drank a quick shot of espresso but then accidentally drove off of a dock and crashed into a cruise ship.

One great thing you can do with emoji is create cool drawings!

Here is an example of some funny emoji art I made.

Another cool thing you can do with emoji is create quizzes.

Here is an example of a quiz I made.

Try an guess what each object below is!










Read to the end of this post to find the answers!

One last cool thing you can do with emoji is create math equations!

Here is an example of an emoji math equation that I made, I dare you to try and solve it!

Well, I hope you learned a little bit more about emoji and how to use them! See you in the next post!






Scroll down for the answers to the emoji quiz!







Emoji quiz:

Floppy disk

Hard drive

VHS tape



7 thoughts on “Emoji Extravaganza!

  1. Hello, Cashton again! I didn’t finish that other comment, but I saw that you were mentioned in Mrs. Morris’s blog. I know the answer to your math problem. The answer is 18! I liked the way you did it. I hope you come visit my blog! http://2024cad.edublogs.org/

  2. Hi Lucas,
    I ike the way you did all the tasks for the emoji week. They were all really great. The answer for the last emoji math equation is 77 because 10 + 1 is 11 and 11 * 7 is 77. Also how did you make your car emoji. Please visit my site at 2024wangj.edublogs.org
    – Jason

    1. Hey! I saw that you asked about how I drew the car emoji. I used this app called “Emoji Ink”, you can probably find it in the App Store!

  3. your emoji story was super funny and cool

    your car emoji was drawn I can tell I wish I could do that

    I could figure out the problem

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