Take Your Kids to Work Day

This past week, we were given the opportunity to go with our parents to their work to learn more about careers in their workplace. I chose to go with my friend Jessie to her mother’s work at a high school about 30 minutes away from ours. Once we arrived, we got a grand tour of the campus, which was at least 6 times as large as our school. We got introduced to some of the staff at the main office, and eventually got to take some time to explore the school on our own. Later in the day, we ended up helping grade some tests that needed to be handed back, filing all of the attendance sheets from the day and got to sit in a french 11 class to see how it differentiated from our classes. One of the careers I found particularly interesting was the job of the principal. He explained what he did in a day, which I included in my video as you can see below. I thought that that would be an interesting career for me to pursue because I would love to get to interact with all of the students in the school on a day to day basis. Overall, I had a great day and it was really a wonderful learning opportunity¬†for me.


Due to availability issues, I was only able to get one interview on video, so here it is.


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