Math card game

The most recent project we’ve completed in math was a order of operations card game. In this project, we had to create our own ideas and format a card game using the math we’ve been reviewing in class. Here I will explain how to play the game that I ended up making.

My card game consists of 40 cards with the numbers 0-9 on each of them and 20 cards with different operations on them including multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, and even exponents. The first step is to separate the number and operation cards and make two different upright stacks. Then, you need to take the top number card and lay it on the table, then take two more cards and put them next to each other underneath the first one so you have a triangle. Take the first card on the bottom and use that as the tens and take the next one and that’s the ones. That number is your goal number. Then, the card on top is the amount of operation cards you can use to get to your goal. If you drew a 7, then a 6, and then a 3, then your goal number would be 63 and you would have 7 order of operation cards to get as close as you can to it. To start, the youngest player starts and they take the top card and then the person to their left does and etc until everyone has one card. That is your starting card. Then, whoever went first has to draw a card. Then, using an order of operations card, they have to try and get their 2 numbers as close to the goal number as they can. Play continues until the amount of rounds distinguished by the order of operations card. At the end of the rounds, whoever’s number is the closest to the goal number wins.

I printed and cut out the cards and me and Jessie played it a couple of times and had quite a fun time!

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