Like Terms and Polynomials in the Real World

For our most recent math project, we learned all about polynomials and how to combine like terms properly. What is a polynomial? you might be asking. Here’s a quick definition to read.


They usually look something like this: 

For my project, we had to learn how to combine like terms and what polynomials are. To do this, we completed a variety of worksheets and did some activities in class to learn how they worked. I was paired with Adlih for this unit, so we had to come up with a plan for our project together. This took us a while because everything we came up with was either too basic or too complex for us to turn into a project. The guidelines for this project were very free in order to let us explore the topic however we wanted. Adlih and I decided to create a grocery store themed project where the goal was to properly stock the store. We made our project using a piece of scrap wood, paint, and paper photos. We used the collaborative communication core competency to work together to create our final product.

Each item was organized into a category, like dairy or fruits. We then put a polynomial on each item and then a simplified version after the like terms were combined onto the board. Players of our game would then have to match each item to its correct spot on the board. This was a fun game to play when we had two people competing to finish stocking the store first. We included negatives, integers, decimals, coefficients, constants, variables, and a couple fractions into our game and worked hard to solve all of the math problems ourselves at the start in order to create the board. This project was fun to complete because while it was based on math, we also got to be creative with our presentation.

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