Hello and welcome back to another blog post. This blog post is going to be one of many coming your way. But lets focus on one at a time. This post is on the project we just finished on the 7 habits book. The driving questions for this project were β€œHow might I use technology to construct knowledge?Β How might I use technology to create and communicate?”. To answer those, I use technology to increase my knowledge by learning more through understanding the 7 habits of learning. I have learned more about myself as a learner and how I can benefit by focusing on visual and kinaesthetic ideas. I can use technology to communicate creatively by sharing my ideas and experiences of learning by the 7 habits of effective learning.

This project was based on how we can improve using the 7 habits. We accomplished this project by getting to know the 7 habits by reading the 7 Habits for effective learners. Throughout the time of reading this book we also completed 4 choice board activities which were meant to represent the sections in the book. The first section was the set up, then it was private victory which talked about the first three habits, public victory which talked about habits 4, 5 and 6, and renewal which talked about habit 7. In all of my choice boards I tried to choose something different each time that I felt I could connect well to my everyday life. In the end here is how my 4 Choice Board Activity’s turned out. I think out of all four I am the most happy with how the Renewal choice board turned out because Habit number 7 sharpen the saw is something that I know I try to do everyday. In my Renewal choice board I ended up making a video on one of the sports I do to try to take a break, horseback riding.Β 

Throughout the time we were reading the book we also completed some other assignments. These all went with the specific part of the book we were reading at the time. The first one was a personal bank account which is where I filled in a chart that included deposits (good actions) and withdrawals (negative actions) all of the specific actions had a specific number of points which could be added or subtracted. In the end I wrote down my personal bank account total which was 70! We also did a fun Personal Mission Statement table. I had a lot of fun working on this and I am happy with how it turned out. The goal for this task was to create a table with the people who inspire you sitting around it. My table had my mom, my grandma, my two horseback riding instructors, Sara Nurse, and of course me. I then wrote a few sentences explaining my table which I felt added a good touch.Β 

Lastly came the product pitch which is what the majority of this post will be about. To show my learning in the three sections Communication, Thinking, and Personal and Social I split up the 7 habits into the section I felt connected the most. Also making sure to keep it fully connected to my use of the habit and how I try to and can improve using all 7 habits in my everyday life.Β 

Communication is the first section I will talk about. I personally felt that the habit 1 – be proactive, habit 4 – think win win, and habit 5 – seek first to understand, then to be understood went the best for communication. I decided to create a kinaesthetic idea which is a video of me playing volleyball. This shows how I can use some of the 7 habits to communicate, collaborate, and develop habits to support my growth as a learner.Β Check out my volleyball video on the link below.Β 

Kinaesthetic Video

I can use the 7 habits to think creatively, critically, and reflectively to support my growth as a learner. The habit I chose to show this is Habit 3 put first things first. I decided to create a visual keynote slideshow using examples in my life on how I use this habit and how I can improve it.

Putting First Things First Slideshow

I can use the 7 habits to develop a personal and social awareness as well as responsibility to support my growth as a learner and here’s how I do it. I explain exactly that in the short podcast I created about how I use and can improve Habit 2 – begin with the end in mind, Habit 6 – Synergize, and lastly Habit 7 – sharpen the saw. In this podcast I explain everyday examples on how I try to use these habits but also what I need to continue to work on improving.Β Check out my podcast audio down below.Β 

Overall, I think I accomplished this project as I completed most if not all the assignments on time. I feel I showed a sophisticated understanding of the 7 Habits. I think I could have spent more time on some of the choice boards but other then that Im happy with the outcome. Thank you for reading this post and I will be back with more soon.Β