In this final unit of personal growth plan we were given the driving question: what do I know now that I wish I knew before? To be honest I can’t tell you a specific part of PGP that I wish I knew before. For me it was more a bigger picture, not just a concept but something larger. The 7 habits, that’s what I wish I would’ve known before. Earlier in the year we had made dream boards, looking at mine there’s a lot to do with photos and photography because my goal was to incorporate it into my school work more.

I made the decision to do a photography style artifact because I wanted to use what I love to do for a school assignment. Each of the photos represents one of the 7 habits there are 7 total. They may not be specifically the habit but a concept introduced within it that I found the most helpful. Together they make the 7 Habits . I’ll start off with some explanations.

1. Be proactive –  For this I really wanted to show someone looking into themselves and sorta being confident in themselves and all the actions they’ve taken.

2. Begin with the end in mind – This for me is all about looking ahead towards your final goal and destination, to keep you on track. In this image I really wanted to portray looking towards it, and I say it because its all in how you see it.

3. Put 1st things 1st – This is all about prioritizing. The photo I created shows levels and doing the priory first.

4. Think win win – this images I wanted to show using one thing to share with some one else, to make it a win win situation.

5. Seek first to understand then to be understood – With this image I wanted to work with reflections and looking into what you think is yourself.

6.  Synergize – This is the art of not just working together but combining skills and talents. I wanted to show art and how to create the images within this image it took more than just the photographer.

7 Sharpen your saw – My understanding of this habit is keeping yourself well rounded in a sense and staying healthy in all the areas. For this image I want to show someone letting their mind and body be calm.

I see each of these photos the way I described them however you may see them differently from me and that’s the art of photography.

Overall PGP was a pretty good course this year. I had come in not knowing what I was in for and I feel like I gained a lot of knowledge. The 7 habits was what stuck with me the most and what I really found the most helpful.