The final unit we did in humanities was called circle BC. We learned all about the caribou gold rush, industry’s of BC and First Nations here in BC. Throughout this unit we did 2 big projects,  a podcast and  an artifact for the spring exhibition. 

Let’s start off with the podcast. Logan and I made our podcast all about Seycove and everything it has to offer. We did a lot of interviews because we wanted to show teachers and students experiences from Seycove. I had a pretty good time making this podcast and editing it was pretty good too. I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Now for my artifact I decided to focus on the opioid crisis here in Vancouver BC. I really wanted to show the severity of it and how the people affected aren’t just numbers or statistics. I pitched this to my teachers.

I created an art piece to start the conversation. I used a large piece of plywood and painted it and the added in articles with mod podge. I also created a brochure to promote education for the opioid crisis. I wanted to bring light to the situation and what’s actually happening

For our exhibition we were basing it around BC and used the Oakridge exhibition as an example. We made it super nice and strung lights up.

Photo credits to Jessie!  

One thing I’m going to reflect on is the launch process. It was something I havent worked a lot with and to be honest I dont think I’m a huge fan of it. It felt like just a lot of thinking and no really doing. I would have had a better time being able to research and think while I was creating my artifact. It would have let me fix more issues, and get more feedback.

Overall I felt like this was a really good end to the year. At the exhibition I got tons of good feedback and people  really were interested in what I was talking about.