Hi, welcome to my blog. This post is about my TPOL. Over this year I have changed a lot in my work habits and my growth as a learner. In all of the PLP subjects I think I have improved since the start of the year. I’ve improved my habits at home and in school over the past year to get me ready for the next grade. In humanities I did not do the best in the first project because I wasn’t used to the new way of learning and I had my old habits from elementary school. Now every humanities project I do pretty well and understand the concepts of each project. In scimatics I think I did very well on the first project because I like math so I excelled at that project. In the next project it was science based and I also did pretty good because I understood the concept of the project and learned a lot that helped me with that project. I think I’ve always been pretty good with scimatics through the year. In maker I think I got a lot better at working in a group to create things from Destination Imagination and the winter exhibition. In the upcoming spring exhibition I think I will present my project really well in my group because of my growth in working in groups throughout the year.

This year in PLP I have had to work a lot harder because there is a lot more work and its harder. I think in the start of the year I felt rushed and rushed some of my work but worked hard on it. Later in the year I got a bit better at homework and not rushing. Now I think I don’t rush nearly as much as I used to do. I feel like being at home and doing work here has kind of helped with not rushing. I have always had this habit of doing homework after dinner. I don’t exactly know why I do it now that I’m at home. I think I just feel more productive around that time. Although now at home sometimes I have to work at 11 or 12 and I find my self looking at YouTube or doing other things until I force myself to do my assignments. Then I finally do my assignments and I just don’t get into the groove like I usually do when I work after my dinner. I definitely need to improve on my pacrastination because I always say “oh I can do that later or Tomorrow”.

I’ve had one project that provides a great example of revision would be my Winter Exhibition maker project. In this project I planned on making a 3d model of a ghost freighter ship that would transport goods around the world and I had to make sticks on the bottom of the ship so it could be 3d printed but it didnt work so I had to make a card board model for the exhibition. I had to do revisions to the 3d model then revise it again make a card version. Then later in Thats year I got in a team for DI and we worked as a team to make a story and a alarm clock that makes you get up and do a puzzle to turn it off. After doing the puzzle you would have used your brain so you would be awake. We presented it at regionals and at provincials. Thats the first project that comes to mind when you say teamwork. A project I think I showed high quality work was my chemistry coding game. I worked really hard on making the game and learning about different molecules and I think this was a very fun project to make as well. Thats all I have for my TPOL blog post. Check out my other posts here.

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