The Amazing Memories of Oregon

Oregon was by far one of my best experiences, with the learning opportunities and how much fun we had. PLP eight has been going to Oregon for a few years now and it really gives amazing opportunities to further expand our knowledge. Which I think the field studies we get to end up doing really give us a better perspective of the world, and definitely benefit our learning in so many ways.

Before we left for the trip we were given a itinerary that told us everything we were going to see and do on the trip. (And probably so we didn’t ask the teachers every five minutes if we were nearly there). Here is the itinerary.

We did so many things in Oregon that we definitely wouldn’t have been able to do in regular school. And as a class we definitely became so much closer, which was one of my favourite aspects of the trip. Now we all have so many inside jokes that no one else will understand (oooohhh yeaaahhh), and don’t even get me started about the crazy bus rides! Our adventures to Costco and Fred Meyer were some of the main highlights, which the workers probably loved a bunch of teenagers being crazy in the store! But honestly I was sad when we had to leave Oregon.

We did have loads of fun, but we also did have loads of work, and we were definitely busy all the time. Like making the book all throughout they trip, as we had to fill each section out everyday day. Read mine below!

While in Oregon we also had to interview the business we were going to make advertisement for, as explained in my previous blog post Practicimng Advertising.

In the end I’m so glad I had the opportunity to go to Oregon, not only to expand my learning, but to become closer with everyone, making us not only a class but a team.

Highlights of the trip!

Some artsy pictures:)

Well that’s a wrap for this post, until next time


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