We recently completed a quick unit in maker, which is supposed to help us in our big exhibition coming up. We were to use the launch process to create a sport, and we would also have a limited amount of supplies and only certain items that we could use.

Look, Listen, Learn

   Starting off with the L in Launch, look, listen, and learn. We first watched a video on the whole Launch process and then were given our challenge. We looked at the challenge, we were given a mystery box with the supplies we could use for our sport, a roll of duct tape, two squash rackets, a whiffle ball, a stack of cups, some balloons, and a spool of string. All the supplies didn’t have to be used but atleast four did. We would need to keep in mind things like what is the goal of your sport? How will you win? Will you have points? Will you take turns? Will it be timed or will it end when you’ve reached a final score or a destination? How many players will you need? Will it be a team sport or an individual sport? Or will the sport have multiple teams playing against each other? What positions will it have? And what will the players do? What will the rules be? What will be allowed and forbidden? What will happen if an athlete breaks the rules? What kind of a court or a field will you play on? What will the dimensions be? Will you play it indoors or outdoors? We would then start working with our team to invent our sport.

Still on phase one we created a survey to see what our classmates would enjoy most in a game. Each member of my group had a question that had a few choices and we would ask everyone. In my group there was Kiera, Fraser, and Aedan. Our four question were, do you like team or individual sports, do you like contact sports, do you prefer using your hands or feet, and how competitive are you? The question i asked everyone was do you prefer contact sports, no contact sports, or either. 7/21 preferred contact, 3/21 preferred no contact, and 11/21 didn’t care which one. We then took some time to experiment with the items and gather ideas.

Ask Questions

                                                                                                                                                Phase two was to ask lots of questions to better understand what we wanted our sport to look like. This was basically when we learned what we wanted the sport to look like and what our peers would enjoy to play. So for example when we did the survey.




Understand Ideas

For phase three we did a little bit of researching, we looked up examples of sports and what people enjoy about them and what is boring about them. We created a list of five sports and kept in mind what we could do to avoide making a boring sport and create an enjoyable one.

Navigate Ideas

After understanding and gather so ideas we had we had to turn our ideas into one main idea. We began narrowing down our ideas and created a chart showing everything our sport must have.

And we thought about things like how does the scoring system work, when dies the game end, what equipment is needed, and how much space is needed? We also individually thought of a few ideas of how we could use the materials with I thought we could do something with the ball cups specifically.

Create a Prototype

We now had landed on an idea as a group and it was time to try and play it just in our group. Our sport was going to be called ice cream ball and you’ll see later in a how-to video how to play it and what materials we ended up using.

Highlight What’s Working and Fix What’s Failing

We noticed that there were a few problems to our game, like we needed A LOT of tape which there was that much of it so we decided to use less we would only mark the corners of the boxes we needed to make on the ground. Some cups also did break while playing the game, and the ball was sometimes hard to through in the cup, you also cant aim all that well, but scoring isn’t to hard or too easy so that was good.


It was now time to launch our game and show our classmates how to play. But instead of typing and you reading how to play why now watch the short video we made.

Now we created our sport it was time for us to show our class mates! We had so much fun playing each others games and showing everyone our game.

I hope you enjoyed learning about our game and the process we went through to create it! It was really cool to see everyone’s sport come together.

– Paisley

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