Exploring the age of exploration

It’s time to learn about The New World: Age of Exploration!! The overall summary of our project is that we have basically just been a crew member on one of the recent voyages to the New World, and have just returned home from the adventure of a lifetime and have many exciting stories to share.
The King and Queen have invited me to court and have requested that I prepare a short Comic Book story with a persuasive presentation about your journey for the members of the royal household. I have to talk about not only the land I explored and things I found, but also about the famous explorer I work for. The goal is that my Comic Book and presentation will convince the King and Queen to grant you the funds to now launch your own voyage!

Now we know our project we had to first learn more about the New World and also we were given a explorer to research, in which we have just completed a voyage with. My explorer was Vasco Núñez de Balboa. Starting with the basics of our explorer we filled out a research sheet so we knew overall who our explorer was, so we can later choose what voyage they’ve been on that we can base comic off of.

After completing that we started looking into beringia, like what it is and it’s importance. So what exactly is the overall idea on beringia? Basically Beringia was a safe place to refuge and make a settlement during the glacial period. Now narrowing down the big idea what is being said about it? It was an ice-free land, which had a large amount of food and water, which made survival more accessible.

We then did a few more guided notes to learn further about this time period, which they aren’t super important to show but we did have to make a few visuals like..

Throughout all this we had been working on our comics, and by now we should be joust about done, and ready to work or the persuasive presentation for getting funded on our voyages. In the presentation there were a few required questions to answer, the main one being “how does exploration have varying consequences on diffrent groups?” And some other questions like what is my motivation etc. So I started my keynote showing visuals, and my script that I would present. I was a little nervous but in the end I’m pretty happy with my presentation.

We didn’t end up presenting our comics but I’m happy with the way mine turned out so if you want to check it out you can read it below.

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