Practicing Advertisement!

For this project we had to meet with two different businesses, to find out what they would like to see included in their advert, then make a draft and send it to the business, who may use the ad at no charge if they like the end result. Before we went to meet with them, we looked into advertising appeals, and techniques. Once we thought we had enough information on how to make the ad we met with the business to see what we could advertise, product specifics, and any colours or designs they wanted to see included.

The first business was a local Deep Cove retailer, called Ahoy, and the second business  was Highlife Adventures in Oregon. Ahoy was basically our practice run, we went down to interview them to find out what they wanted to see incorporated into the advertisement. Then Jackson, Anika, Jason, and I would each make separate ads, and then review to give feedback on our work. We would also show our ads to the whole class to help us revise our work. We did some app smashing, by using mainly Canva, but also Snapseed, and Pages to complete our final drafts, I ended up doing three drafts before I got my final one. I edited it by taking my picture to pages and I used the insta alpha tool to get rid of the background, making it just the backpack, I then brought that image into Snapseed and added a few filters, to finally bring that into Canva and putting text on it to really bring in all together.

Draft one- no address, a bit bland

Draft two- address is a bad colour, weird colour background

Draft three (final draft)- the best ad, as it is the most eye catching

Preparing for the Oregon ad I was more confident about my approach and the information I would need to gather to make a great ad. I had gathered alot of ideas, opinions and critique that I could apply to my second ad. The first draft was prepared before we arrived in Oregon, so we temporarily used an image downloaded offline, to be replaced later with a photo of our own. We met with the business and finalised what they wanted us to incorporate into our ad, and on our return to Canada created a second draft still using the offline image, as the pictures taken on the trip were not available at this point. I improved my ad by addressing the business requirements and refining the text. For my third draft I imported an image acquired on the trip, and concentrated on making the text stand out more. I still felt that there were improvements that could be made.  I went back in and changed the image and revised the text again, this was my fourth draft. For the fifth and final draft, I revised the font and tweaked colours used. I used all the same apps except I didn’t use pages, and I used Phonto for text and Canva for other features, but I still used Snapseed for photo editing.

Draft one- picture from the internet

Draft two- text not very visible

Draft three- better but still lacking with the text


Draft four- need to make it look more professional

Draft five (final draft)- best out of all of them

If I was to do this again I would revise some of the things I did, like spending more time choosing and editing the image to really make it perfect and make it crisp, also I would want to make the words pop more so I would like to experiment with more apps. But overall I’m pretty happy with how my final drafts turned out. This was a very interesting project as we see advertising all around us everyday, but it was interesting to see what happens in the creation process from draft to final product.

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