Tpol 2020

Hey guys, and welcome to my first Tpol. In today’s post I will be talking about some progress that I made this year and also some things that I could improve on for next year. After I went though all the blog posts that I wrote this year, I’ve realized that my marks were going higher, and mainly because I got a lot more used to the technology and I also deleted all the games on my iPad since the last mPOL, I got way less distracted from entertainments after I stopped playing clash Royale on my iPad. after I stopped playing games,  I had more time for guitar practice and basketball, I even joined the school badminton team because I wanted more exercise.

  Now let’s talk about some projects that I’ve done, my favorite ones are DI, argh matey, and chemistry coding, for each of them we had to create and design something by our own, for DI my team design a bridge out of cards, for argh matey I wrote a story around Magellan and smallpox, for chemistry coding I made a geometry dash by writing my own codes, for each of them I had to do a lot of research and most importantly they were fun. Especially chemistry coding, after we finished coding our games, we showed them to each other and apparently my was way too hard to play, so I had to shut down some of my obstacles in the game in order to let mr.gross grade my project, and anybody want to know how I learned coding, well I found a geometry dash tutorial on YouTube, and after watching it for several times I’ve learned it. But don’t forget it was a scimatics project, I also learned a lot about atoms, but it was really boring.  The most knowledgeable project I’ve done should definitely be argh matey, it was scimatics and humanities combined project, I learned tones of knowledge about the exploration ages and the smallpox virus, then I wrote a creative story, between smallpox and Magellan, it turns out that mr.gross really liked my story, and give me a rainbow. Lastly destination imagination, what can I say about it…it was just having fun together and teamwork? Many people think that DI is just a waste of time but I think team work is important, and knowing how to work with my best friends is important too. The grades for milestones that did in the beginning of the year was about emerging or developing, and now they are mostly accomplished or even extending, I really made some process this year, and hopefully I will do it even better. And the least favorite projects of the year are probably it’s the end of the world, and Star Wars mini blue sky. The reasons for it’s the end of the world was because I didn’t like singing or writing lyrics, the reason for Star Wars was because it was my first blue sky, and my product was completely off topic, so it was a little bit embarrassing to present it in front of people. Now let’s talk about my goals for next year

  Screen time should definitely be one of my big focus next year because I’ve been trying to keep drown my screen time everyday, but it didn’t work well as I expected, another goal is to eat less bacon, as you already know I’m obsessed with bacon and I’ve eaten it way too much during quarantine.
I would also want to get my humanities mark higher, and to get there I will have to spend more time on it and do more English practice after school. I signed up for woodworking instead of gym for next year, because I feel like basketball academy is enough for me. For this blue sky project that I’m doing right now, it’s about making a self watering pot, so me and my dad bought some woods and made a pot out of it, I find it really interesting and  hopefully I can improve my skills at the woodworking class.

By the way my basketball academy classes are going to be here at Seycove instead of park gate for next year, so that way I can hang out with my friends at lunch everyday. Right now I’m super excited for grade 9. I tried out some new books this year, English and Chinese, my goals for next year is to read 20 books at least. Lastly and most importantly is my math, as you probably know I’m really good at math but apparently I got a B on my report card, it was such a shame to me, the reason was I didn’t work with my group that well, so for next year I’ll try to interact with them more, and maybe help them at math. It has been a short year after all, because of the Corona virus pandemic, but at home I worked really hard too, usually I wake up at 8:30, and after breakfast I’ll play guitar for half an hour, and the rest of the day is just for school work and books, after three, I usually play ping pong with my parents, and I scheduled my daily life pretty well so don’t worry about it. This is the end of the year, happy summer break guys!!!

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