Week 10 of SBC

Hey guys so this is the last SBC that we have to do and I’m kinda sad that it’s coming to an end. So for this week we hade to reflect so I’m going to be talking about how many comments I have recived, how many I’ve replied to and my fav comments so without further ado lets get started.

How many comments have I gotten so far?

How many have I replied to?


My favs.

I really liked this one from Derek because he actually related it to the subject and he commented on some of my other classmates blogs.

I like this one from Evelyn as well because she mentioned that she is doing the same challenge as I am.

Hope you guys liked this but dont worry you guys are not getting rid of me that soon I’m still going to be blogging a lot in years to come. So bye for now.

Also big shoutout to Evelyn and Derek for commenting on my blog.

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