Student blogging challenge: the ACTUAL last day

Today, I am writing about the blogging challenge I have been doing for this whole quarter. So without further ado, here is the post!

When we started this project I will admit it: I really did not like the sound of making one blog post every day until the end of the quarter. But, as time went on, writing the blog posts quickly grew on me, and by the end, I really enjoyed writing the posts.

The first post in the challenge was an: “embedding content” post, and I wrote it about snowboard bindings. This post was pretty cool, but it was not my favourite post I have done. Honestly, my favourite post of all time is my blogging challenge day ten post, i am just really proud of all my photoshops, and had a ton of fun writing it.

I learned tons about embedding content, writing, and creating digital content in general. If you look at my first post in the challenge to the lat post, my growth is obvious. I will keep updating my blog and some previous posts, so stay tuned!

This has been an amazing challenge, and I appreciate you for reading along with me. See you in the next post!

A Post About ANYTHING!

Hello, and welcome to what I think is the last day of the Student Blogging Challenge 2021. Today is a weird day, because I get to write about whatever I want!

Yes, i just embedded a meme. Anyways, without further ado, here is the post.

Since I feel like it, I am going to show some photoshop pictures I made, from wallpapers to neon images. (I am going to be using SuperimposeX, which is a paid software used for many things. I have used this software in a previous post, if you were wondering why it seemed familiar.

Here are two apps I made neon:

WordPress (what I am using now)
And Showbie

Now, you might be thinking: “but what wallpaper am I going to use?” (You probably aren’t though.) Anyways, Here is a quick wallpaper I made:


My friend has made a full Home Screen in this neon theme, (link to his blog here), I am going to show some things you could do with superimpose.

Here is a cool smoke effect I made using the distort and lights tools:

Red and white smoke

Here are the wallpapers I currently use:


Here is some clipart of a bottle (I don’t know why)

Science bottle!

And here are glowing shapes!

Glowing square things

I also did a photoshop challenge with my friends, and we had some pretty cool results!

My 2-minute photoshop challenge entry!
Moon photoshop!
Angel Graphic

Thanks for reading this weird post! I will make more photoshops, so stay tuned! See you next post.

Emoji Story!

Hello, and welcome. Today is the 7th day of the Student Blogging Challenge 2021, and the last day isn’t even based on words. No, it is based on a random emoji generator! So here is the story:

🚉 Everyday, the train would do what it has done for 46 years; go between two stations.

😵 but one day, a passenger boards the train illegally to escape the police.

🚦 because of that, the train locked all of its doors and stopped moving.

🐨 because of that, the koala onboard was actually helping the crook!

🏁 because of that, the train goes as fast as he can to the next station

🍔 until finally, the police arrest the koala and criminal.

The End

I hope you enjoyed my story, and until then, see you next time!


Hello! This post is day 6 of the 2020 Student Blogging Challenge, and today we are doing a post on music! I love to listen to music, and I can play guitar decently. And without further ado, here is the post.

Record Guitars

all hail the biggest of them all! In January, 2001, the largest playable acoustic guitar was created: measuring 16.75m long, 7.57m wide and 2.67m deep, and weighs four tons. The instrument was built in Porto, Portugal. This record still stands today. source here.

Running down the scale of size works too, clearly, or else why make a guitar smaller than as human hair? Yes, you heard me right, this tiny guitar measures ten micrometres long – 1/20 the thickness of human hair! It can only be played by using lasers to move the strings, and makes sounds at frequencies human can’t even hear.


Minuscule or massive, we must pay respect to our elders. And the oldest and first guitar ever, owned by an artist known as Har-Mose, in ancient Egypt is no exeption. The guitar had three strings and was made of two pieces of wood, with no ability to tune it.


On that topic, I also made a survey about music Here.

Guess that instrument

Now, here is a guess that instrument quiz.

You have finished the post! Congrats! But, if you look at the start of each paragraph, they are in perfect harmony.

Worldview in photos

“Logical mind”


This art represents the values aspect of worldview because of how I value logic and, like most people, organization (some people just don’t have enough time or effort to spend on it). And organization, at its core, is just looking for patterns and finding them consistently.

In this picture, the lines become more uniform as they go to the right side of the page, showing how my brain analyzes what it sees to find patterns.


To make this, I used the app SuperimposeX, which is a paid software used for photo editing, art, and much more. For people like me, who don’t currently have a steady hand for drawing, this app can help me make art in a different way. The link to this app is Here.

The way I created the lines was by putting each line on a different layer, adding a swirl effect on each layer, the amount decreasing with each line until I just drew a straight line. Then, I added a darkening gradient across the screen and randomized the thickness of each line. Finally, I merged all the layers except the last two and added a small ripple effect to add a bit more randomness to the non-straight lines


The final product you see above was not the first one however, so here are the other takes:

Snowboard bindings

Do you want a new pair of bindings? Do you not know what to buy? Well, you came to the right(ish) place, because I (kind of) know about it! Without further delay here are three tips about what bindings to buy!

1. Stiffness

When buying bindings, you must make sure that they are not to flimsy for your board. For example, if your board is 175+mm wide, flexible bindings will make the board feel sluggish with poor edge control. Here is a great video.

2. Straps

bindings have all sorts of straps, and these can make a large impact on your riding experience massively. First, it is best to have a toe cup. A toe cup is a type of strap that rests on the front/top of your boot, rather than just the top. 

For example, in this picture, the toe strap cups the toe,






and in this picture, the strap goes on top of the toe




Toe cups are great because they hold your foot in much tighter and in turn make the binding stiffer.

3. Locking method

different bindings have different ways of locking your boot in, and some are better for some things than others. For example, Burton step-ins are great for almost everything, but aren’t as robust in deep snow (and cost a fortune). In-depth binding guide here.

thats all for today, but here are some credible websites if you need more information.

Breakdown of binding angles here

Different binding types here