Take Our Kids to Work Day

On November 3rd this year, it was take our kids to work day. I learned a lot about being in the workforce on this day, but I still have yet to learn why there is an “our” in there. Anyways, without further ado, here is the post.

School was cancelled on this day so that kids could go to their parents, relatives, or other guardian’s/adults job (unless you couldn’t arrange a job to go to, then you would just go to school). As PLP learners, we were required to make a video documenting our day and featuring an interview with an adult at work. Here is my video:

Thanks for reading todays post, it was a short one but I hope you enjoyed it. See you in the next one.

My Mom’s work

A Post About ANYTHING!

Hello, and welcome to what I think is the last day of the Student Blogging Challenge 2021. Today is a weird day, because I get to write about whatever I want!

Yes, i just embedded a meme. Anyways, without further ado, here is the post.

Since I feel like it, I am going to show some photoshop pictures I made, from wallpapers to neon images. (I am going to be using SuperimposeX, which is a paid software used for many things. I have used this software in a previous post, if you were wondering why it seemed familiar.

Here are two apps I made neon:

WordPress (what I am using now)
And Showbie

Now, you might be thinking: “but what wallpaper am I going to use?” (You probably aren’t though.) Anyways, Here is a quick wallpaper I made:


My friend has made a full Home Screen in this neon theme, (link to his blog here), I am going to show some things you could do with superimpose.

Here is a cool smoke effect I made using the distort and lights tools:

Red and white smoke

Here are the wallpapers I currently use:


Here is some clipart of a bottle (I don’t know why)

Science bottle!

And here are glowing shapes!

Glowing square things

I also did a photoshop challenge with my friends, and we had some pretty cool results!

My 2-minute photoshop challenge entry!
Moon photoshop!
Angel Graphic

Thanks for reading this weird post! I will make more photoshops, so stay tuned! See you next post.

Holidays? Already?

Yep, you heard me right. Today, on (maybe) the last day of the Student Blogging Challenge 2021, we are talking, making and photographing about the holidays. So, without further ado, here is the post.

Christmas is a widely celebrated holiday, and across the globe, it is celebrated on many different ways. One way that my family celebrates is by looking at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve. We walk, bike, or drive around to see all the ridiculously decorated homes everywhere.

A very decorated house.

this picture is from one of the most decorated streets I know of, Trinity st. Over Christmas break, most of the houses put up ridiculously large amounts of lights to support a charity.

Also, here is a poem, for absolutely free!

Santa’s colour is red

He doesn’t look good in blue

He delivers presents

To others and you

His shift is tight

All throughout the night

And though this may sound trite

He’ll eat your cookies in one bite!

Growth Mindset Time!

Hello, and welcome to another post. This post is a little different, because it is showing a journey of my growth mindset through PLP. So, without further ado, here is the post.

When I started this quarter, my class did two challenges: the student blogging challenge and the growth mindset challenge. I have talked extensively about the student blogging challenge in other posts, but today I am doing the last post I will do until the end of spring break

Here is a journal I have been constructing throughout the quarter that reflects the evolution of my growth mindset.

Also, we have been working on a long term goal for the next quarter, and it is meant to inspire us to be better next term. Mine was: I will get better at my group communication by pausing before I speak or write and thinking what my group needs to hear and how to best express it.

Worldview Summative Post

Hello, and welcome to the summative post for the how it started/ how it is going project. The driving question for this project was: what can we learn from the past, and why does it matter to us today? To answer this question, we journeyed back through some of the most influential times history, travelled (virtually) to great museums, and finally, made a virtual museum all about worldview and historical events.

The project started with a mind map about museums and their specific features

Then we did milestone 1, which was a small museum exhibit representing your growth since the start of the year. I learned how to use many cool photo editing techniques like perspective shifting, light wraps, and more to do this. Our job in this milestone was to transform the idea of how it started/how it is going into a museum exhibit and provide evidence on my opinion. I believe I did this quite well, but if I did it again I would probably add a before/after comparison of my work as evidence. Click here for the PDF.

The second milestone was a collage of the important events in your life that shaped your worldview. To do this, we created a timeline of the important events in our lives, found or made pictures to represent those events, and created a collage of the images. This collage would later be revised and changed, and eventually become our “about me” at the start of the museum.

Then, we started milestone three: the history test. This was just one extremely hard question that made me (and some others) realize how little we knew (yet). This milestone made me realize the historical significance of the events I talked about, and decide which ones were the most significant.

We also did many, many other things to prepare for the museum launch, like an artist statement, script for the guided tour, the whole virtual museum, the final meme, a recorded artist statement, and a script for the zoom presentation. After all of that, we finally were ready to present the virtual museum to the world. In this virtual museum, we created modern artworks to represent our modern views of the themes in the older artwork, to show how much we have changed since then.

And with that, the driving question is answered: we can learn a lot front the past, and it matters today so we can learn and improve humanity by looking to the past.

Thank you for reading all the way down here! Of you want to see some of my group members veiw on the project (see what I did there?), click on one of the links below

Carter Aaron Noah

Emoji Story!

Hello, and welcome. Today is the 7th day of the Student Blogging Challenge 2021, and the last day isn’t even based on words. No, it is based on a random emoji generator! So here is the story:

🚉 Everyday, the train would do what it has done for 46 years; go between two stations.

😵 but one day, a passenger boards the train illegally to escape the police.

🚦 because of that, the train locked all of its doors and stopped moving.

🐨 because of that, the koala onboard was actually helping the crook!

🏁 because of that, the train goes as fast as he can to the next station

🍔 until finally, the police arrest the koala and criminal.

The End

I hope you enjoyed my story, and until then, see you next time!