The More Things Change…

Hello world,  I’ve started a partner project called “The more things change”. This project was all about learning how to learn how to identify continuity and change, plus using evidence (these were the two curricular competencies for this project). The other main concept I had to achieve was answering the driving question for this project, […]

Argh Matey… It’s Going To Be Summative!

Hello world,  I’ve recently completed a project called argh matey. The point of this project was to learn how to examine cause and consequence and use that format and develop knowledge about European exploration. The driving question for this project was “what was the impact of global exploration?”. This project consisted of four milestones and […]

Individual Advertisement

Here’s My Review On My Advertisement Work I started this project in a launch phase. In this phase I didn’t completely understand how we were supposed to make a project to answer the driving question (which is… ‘What does what we hear, read, and see influences us?’). We then moved on to the need to […]

User manual post

                User guide: Alicia Hepburn Brand: Athlete and Friend Model: Alicia Hepburn, iOS 1.2 Product Guide    Congrats! You just got your new friend, Alicia Hepburn 1.2, also known as “chiclet”. Your new friend comes with following functions: showing up to practice and helping teammates listen to coaches […]