“Shifting Into Grouchy Gear!!!”

  Hello! This blog post is going to be quite the reflection. I’ve completed a project/challenge called Destination Imagination. If you’ve read my blog before you may remember this from my grade 8 year. But, this experience was very different then the last (and I’m about to show you why in this blog post). As […]

Nationalism: Man… It’s A Destiny!

  Hello! I’ve started a new Humanities project called “A Case For a Nation”. This project was about researching a topic of the past that relates to nationalism and how content within that historical topic can symbolically be represented through an image/post. The driving question that I strove to answer throughout this project is “How […]

Comic Cells…A Summative Blog Post

  Hello world, I’ve came to the last project of Q4 (which also means the last project of the year). This project was called “Comic Cells”. the goal of this project was to create a comic about how diseases and cells interact with one another. To actually understand what I was learning throughout this project […]