End of SBC

For the past 10 weeks, wow it’s been 10 weeks, anyways. For the past ten weeks our class has been participating in the Student Blogging Challenge. Every week there is a different topic and different ways to complete that week’s task. This will be my final SBC Post, and will reflect on my experience with this and all that I learned. 

One thing I learned throughout this experience was how many classes around the world blog. I never really thought of blogging as a school thing until PLP, but still, I thought we were weird. Now, I see that tons of people all around the world blog for school!

My favourite post was the Your Choice Post. I had a lot of fun animating my story about Gerald and Norbert. The story really developed as I went along which was cool. First, it was going to be a story about 3 elephants needing to cross a bridge. Then, it was one elephant who blew the troll down into the gorge to get across. Next, I decided it would be a love story. Because of that, I didn’t want Gerald to be cruel. So he apologized when he moved the troll. All Gerald wanted to do was to be on time for his date with Norbert!

I think the coolest part of the challenge was being able to connect with people from around the world. I visited blogs from tons of different countries, and people did the same to me! (Most of the visits  from Canada are me because every time I have to make a post I have to visit my site)

This was an interesting blip in the timeline of my life, and I’m curios to see if we’ll be doing the next one.

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