Over the course of this year I have grown as a PLP learner  by improving on my work habits and teamwork .I can say I achieved the final grade a wanted but I still feel that some of my work didn’t meet  expectations.But these experiences have led me to understand what I have to work on more .I will be using my experiences in PLP to discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth .

Part 1 :

One thing I consistently had to work on was my work ethic. It involved prioritizing important tasks, meeting deadlines, being punctual, completing my work, managing my class time effectively, and striving for productivity. This semester, I made a conscious effort to stay on top of my work, although it proved to be more challenging than I initially thought. Nevertheless, I am slowly improving.

In terms of science, I believe I have successfully completed all my assignments and met most of my deadlines, which makes me proud of my progress. However, the situation was different in humanities, especially after the Oregon trip. With a substitute teacher and the absence of the teachers who usually kept me in check, I became confused about the required work. As a result, I handed in the second keystone for humanities one week late because I had to redo it. Even though I collaborated with a friend (although it was an individual project), we didn’t meet the requirements. Instead of describing different ways and techniques of advertising, as expected, we focused solely on reviewing commercials, forgetting print ads and web ads.

This experience taught me that I am responsible for my own work and I should improve my ability to listen to instructions. It also led me to reach out to a teacher for help in staying on top of my work. When it came to my final product in humanities, I was really proud. I not only liked the outcome but also felt proud of myself for staying on top of my work throughout. I realized that it wasn’t difficult if I made use of my class time and motivated myself. Doing multiple ad drafts helped me avoid last-minute rush. I finished early and was one of the first to get my ad approved, which surprised me. I also managed my time well for my final keystone, which I personally believe turned out well. It explained the process of creating my ad and discussed the colour choices and techniques I used.

Being productive in class has become easier as the rules have become stricter. I have developed a more productive mindset and reduced procrastination. This semester, I also learned the importance of finding motivation. Initially, I was not meeting my own expectations, which made me realise I needed to step up my game, especially since my humanities grade from the first semester was not satisfactory. This realization motivated me, and it has paid off as I am currently meeting my expectations (or at least I think so).

Another project that I wasn’t proud of was a science gif. Although I completed it before the deadline, I ended up cramming all the work into the last day and finishing it .The final product wasn’t that bad though .

Part 2 :

I have improved on my team work and communication skills in PLP .

-Everyday in science or we have to sit next to a random person and some times work on assignments or projects together .This helped me get used to expressing my ideas and cooperating with other people 

-The Quests in Oregon also made me realized that teamwork can come along way

-I really wanted to help me group do something but I didn’t know how 

In the last quest instead helping my teammates .I voluntarily tried to help and contributed as much as possible .I think this might have helped and motivated my other team members to work to getter more .The result of that was getting first place in our quest  possibly got a record for the quest .

Part 3

A project I enjoyed this year a was Science’s sciences Mind over Matter project 

Where why looked at theory reality’s most basic elements (atoms) .And did different projects to test these theories out of showcase our understanding .

 In our first keystone we looked at the correspondences between volume ,density,and mass .The final thing we had to do for this keystone was to choose an object and figure out is volume. By measuring and weighing the object .

In our second keystone we learnt about diffusion 

 We did an experiment with gummy bears to test how they react to water over night .It was really surprising they grew instead in the water instead of melting .My and my friend decided to do a bit of extra research on why that was happening and worked to getter to make a good keystone documenting our findings .

Our last keystone was about making a scratch game relating to something we leant during the first two keystones .This keystone was the the best one yet .It made me remember how to used scratch even though i didn’t use it in 2 years .I made a shooter game where the particles get harder to shoot every stage because they are heating up making them go faster.

I really enjoyed this project because it was fun an  I reminded me that I enjoyed coding .I was surprised because I didn’t know atoms could be that interesting 

Part 4 :Why I’m able to move on to 9th grade 

-I think that although I need to improve on my work ethics a promise that I understand all the content we learnt in PLP and I am pretty sure I met the grade that I wanted .And in grade 9 I am going to try to work harder and aim for higher goals and standards .All PLP assignments and projects made me realize how much more I want and have to improve as a learner .That’s why And that’s why I’m going and am ready to PLP in Grade 9.