Rocky Mountain Field Study- Humanities

I went on a 8-day field study to better understand how has the geography of the west shaped who we are. I will be showing evidence of my learning through my projects and assignments.

The driving question: How has the geograpghy of the West shaped who we are?

Multitouch book reflectionWhat we did:
-For eight of the main locations we went on during this trip we had to include a write a reflection for each one. The reflection includes a photo and descriptive answers for 3 questions.

The reflections:
The muiltitouch book was basically a reflection of our thoughts, what we learnt and our connections .It was about our interpertations how the photos we took shows answers the driving question. As well how the photos historic or presence signifance of each location. Additionally we also had to show personal thoughts connections to each location.
Example part of my refelction, Rogers Pass:

1. What is geography through one or more of the Five Themes of Geography? 

Human environment interaction and place:
Part of the CPR was chosen to be built in Rogers Pass because they couldn’t build a railroad up the mountains. Even though locations had some of the harshest weather conditions in Canada because of the heavy snow and avalanches during the winter. While the CPR was in Rogers Pass they had to build stone trustles to prevent the tracks from being covered in snow as well as snow huts to ensure the railway could function during the winter. This shows us how humans had to adapt to a place’s challenging environment as well as the geography of a place influencing where the CPR would be built.
This shows my thoughts of how the photo shows one of the five themes of geograpghy.
+ During this I read alot of signs at national parks and mesuems which helped me gather info for my book.

2. What made and made the West by how this photograph represents the physical environment influencing the nature of politics, society, and economics in the West? This photo shows the old CPR trail along Rogers Pass as well as a fancy Hotel called the Glacier House. The photo gives us an example of how the physical environment influences the region economically.
The CPR connects Canada and brings tourism to destinations such as the Glacier House. That’s why when the CPR changed and the hotel wasn’t connected to the railroad anymore the hotel had to close down. This shows some of the influential presence of the CPR because it connects different places and brings tourists. Furthermore, the natural geography of the West impacts where the CPR would be built shaping the the political, social, and economic landscape of the West.
This shows how I connect the photo I took to our driving question

3. Your connection and interpretation of the place the photo represents
-This photo represents the CPR connecting different parts of Canada and how much the CPR economically changes different areas. As well as how the geography of a place impacts our interactions and relationships with it. For example, they had to rebuild the railway outside of Rogers’s Pass because of the avalanche dangers and the nature of the harsh terrain. The photo also shows the natural geography shaping where the railroad would be. And how places near the CPR would develop socially and economically.
-Most popular stores are located in the main part of the shopping centre. Parkgate has more popular stores on the first floor because it is easier to get to and more people see and notice them. I never bothered to explore the second floor because it was less. I think the most popular stores were strategically placed where everybody could see their advertisements and is convenient for shopping. In this case, the Glacier House served as a travel hub that would mostly attract people on the CPR railway because it was in the middle of the Rockies. It was strategically placed in a location where it would attract customers just like the popular stores in shopping centres. That’s why the railway moved Hotel was less accessible and CPR also didn’t have any reason to advertise it anymore.
This shows my interpretation why the Glacier house closed down


What is geography- A keystone

What we leant in this keystone:
In this keystone we learnt about the 5 themes of geograpghy.

This helped me with my book reflection. As well understanding the driving question futher. In how the different elements geograpghy shaped the west.
Example: The CPR much impacted the West by revolonizing movement how movement(how things are moved from placed to place).

Our keystone project was a page on comic-life. We had to photos and desprictions showing all of the 5 themes of geograpghy

What made and makes the west-A keystone

This keystone was mostly about Canada specifically the West’s history.

-A investigation of this keystone was learning about what the West is and it’s facts and characteristics. I learnt that the West means (in this context)means the Westen part of Canada including B.C. and Alberta.

-Another investigation of this keystone was briefly learning about B.C.’s history leading up to the construction of the CPR. Our assignment was to take notes about B.C’s history on a keynote presentation. This assignment help me better undertand how to take notes, by writing down the main idea and capturing the key ideas.

My notes on the creation of B.C’s colony: