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I made this Slideshow to show all of my projects in her that I used as back up and evidence throughout this blog post. I’m going to be using this slideshow to not only help make my MPOL better, but to help all my other readers out there understand more clearly, and see evidence of my growth, strengths, weaknesses, and such that I have experienced throughout all of this semester. I want to come back to this blog post, as well as this slideshow that I made, to bring my past experiences from this semester to remember and improve on in the future, whether that be next semester, next year, or even in the 12th grade, when I’m hopefully still in PLP.

In this post, I will be reflecting on my experiences in PLP so far throughout this semester. I will be talking about how I met my goals that I set for myself in the beginning of the year, how I think I grew as a learner this year and how I demonstrated it, how I think I can fix my learning plan/edit it to continue to meet my goals until the end of the school year, how I plan on overcoming problems I face in the future as a learner, along with listing some of my strengths and weaknesses.

Learning Plan

In the beginning of this year, we had to fill out a learning plan document to set up goals for ourselves that we wanted to meet by the end of this semester and year. The goal that I set for myself in Maker was an extending, because I was confident that I could reach that goal for this subject. I wanted to push myself a little more in this subject because I had many strengths in this particular subject.

And I did reach my goal this semester, I think that the project that I’m most proud of that helped me get an extending in Maker was my User Manual. I was proud of this work because it was fun to make, and I had a good time writing in third person while role playing myself as a new android that my teacher had just bought.

The goal that I set for myself for Humanities was an accomplished, because I wasn’t very confident in myself and skills as a learner and my ability to get an extending in Humanities. But now I realize that maybe I should have had more confidence in myself, because I ended up getting an extending in most of my projects in humanities. One project that I was very proud of in this subject was my Middle Ages slideshow presentation. I was proud of the information that I was able to gather and put into the slideshow, and I was also very proud of the format that my slideshow was in because it was very categorized and organized to look at.

How Have I Demonstrated Growth as a Learner so Far This Year?

Something that shows I grew the most this semester are my other blog posts. I’m very proud of my blog posts, especially since it was my first ever experience using this kind of system to record my process or reflection of a project. I really enjoyed writing drafting and editing these blog posts though, and grew in my skill to accept and use peer feedback to edit my drafts and make it better than it was before. I grew in the recording and reflecting process as a learner this year through the blog posts that I had to write. While writing the drafts, it really made me think about how I did well in a specific project, or if I was unhappy with it, it helped me think about how maybe next time I do a project similar to it, a way that I can improve or do something different to feel more satisfied with my results. One blog post that really shows my growth as a learner this semester is my ‘Winter Exhibition Reflection’ blog post. I think that this post showed how well I was able to reflect on myself.

How Can I Sharpen My Learning Plan to Ensure I Will Reach My Learning Targets by the End of This School Year?

Well, I am meeting my goal for one of the learning plan, and the other I think I am exceeding, so I think I can sharpen my learning plan and plan ahead for the subject that I haven’t learned yet. I think that I can use my experience from this semester and list some strengths that I think I have in other subjects. For example, one of my strengths that can be applied to all subjects is that I like to plan ahead, and I understand directions/instruction quickly, so I can get started faster. I can also use my project planning skills to plan projects that will come in the future to be a better time manager and be less stressed in everyday school life. I think that by practicing these skills, I will be able to reach my goals, and possibly exceed them by the end of this year.

How am I Planning to Overcome Future Problems as a Learner?

If I end up with a particular project in a subject that is not my strongest suit, I plan on going to one of my peers that I know is stronger in this skill set, and ask them what they would suggest I do to be successful in making the project. For example, one of the projects that I did which included a skill set that I wasn’t very strong in was my Outsiders project. I wasn’t understanding what the reading role cards were asking me to do, and didn’t understand how I was supposed to include my worldview along with the storyline from the book into the reading role cards. So I went to my other group mates, and went to the people who had already completed a role that I was on. I asked them how they filled in their cards and how they would suggest I would use the previous chapter to fill in my card. So if I ever struggle with something like this in the future, I will go to another peer or adult and ask them for advice.


So overall, throughout this semester, I grew as a learner more than I thought I could. I learned knew skills as a learner such as planning ahead, asking peers for advice, and using keynote and other apps on my iPad to help make my presentations slideshows and drafts. Even while writing this blog post I am continuing to reflect on myself and my experience so far throughout this semester, and I can still continue to see more ways that I can improve for the next semester. I look forward to doing well and having fun in PLP as well as continuing to grow as a learner with the help of my teachers and peers. See you in my next blog post!!

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