The Most Radical Innovations of All Eras!

How Did Ideas From Europe and Asia Change the World? 🌏

Ideas from Europe and Asia changed the world by creating new innovations that helped make way for new and more improved innovations, as well as giving the past innovations the ability to evolve and be improved as time passes. In this writing, I will be evaluating on this conclusion above through out this writing, a long with the innovations through out the renaissance, the time before the renaissance, and the innovations in our world today. 

What Conclusions Can I Make on How New Ideas in the Renaissance Changed the Renaissance World? 💭

The new ideas from the renaissance have changed the renaissance world by creating many new innovations that impacted people’s educations, beliefs, and their system of living at the time. Some of those innovations include the lenses, the printing press, and the clock, like the ones that I have in my left panel of the triptych. I put the lenses in my left panel because the lenses impacted the renaissance world by helping people see things closer, whether that was to read better with glasses, studying biology using a microscope, or studying astrology with the telescope. The lenses helped scholars and philosophers in the renaissance discover new and important things in the renaissance that impacted the world, such as the heliocentric theory, that discovered that the Earth revolved around the Sun, and not the other way around. The printing press was included because it changed the speed and process of copying out books for the world. Because of this innovation, the world was able to share the books and educate faster and more efficiently. The clock is in my left panel because it helped people schedule and organize their days better, and was a big technological evolution at the time. Overall, I put those three innovations on my left panel, because I thought those were some of the key innovations that had a great impact in the renaissance world.

What Conclusions Can I Make on Traditional Ideas that People Had Before the Renaissance? 💡

The traditional ideas that people had before the renaissance shows that people back then were not as inspired, inspiring, or educated as they could have been. Some of those ideas that I put on the right panel of my triptych are the Catholic Church, the hand printing of books, and the rooster to tell time. The Catholic Church is on my right panel because I thought that the way the Church had complete power over everyone with a very biased idea was the exact opposite of how people live in the renaissance. The Catholic Church forced all people to follow the Christian religion and didn’t give them a choice. They scared people into submission by telling them they would be condemned to eternal damnation if they did not pay their tithes, or give free labor to the Church, a long with many more unfair and unjust rules. The ink and quill on my right panel represent the hand printing of books that people did before the printing press was invented. Since they did not have the printing press, they had to hand copy each book to lend them out, or make several copies. All in all, this method was inefficient, and not proficient. I put the rooster in my right panel because that was what the lower class used to tell time before the renaissance. The people would get up when the rooster crowed to go to work, and would go back home when the sun set. This method of scheduling their days wasn’t very effective, because as the seasons went by, the sun would set sooner than usual or later, and in wasn’t a very ideal method to tell time by. That is why I think these innovations show how uninspiring and uneducated people were before the renaissance. 

What Conclusions Can I Make on How New Ideas in the Renaissance Changed My World Today? ✨

The new ideas in the renaissance changed my world today by reforming the education system and creating new technology, along with medical innovations that evolved and improved over time, making my life safer, more interesting, and less biased in my everyday life. Some of the evolved and improved innovations that are a big part of my life today that are included in my center panel are the Apple Watch, new vaccines, computers, and a kindle. I put the Apple Watch in my center panel because it is a very new and improved version of telling time. It is more convenient to carry around, and I can do much more on it than just telling time. I can also make calls, text, and listen to music using it. The new vaccine is on my center panel because it’s one of the very important medical innovations in our world today, especially with COVID-19. The computer set up is included in my center panel because it’s a huge part of my life. I used to use my computer all the time for everything, and I still do. I use it to make presentations for schools, to research, and I also use it for entertainment purposes. I think that this innovation is one of the inventions that had the most impact on my life, and that’s why I felt that it was important to add in my triptych. I put a kindle on my center panel because using the kindle allows you to read several books with one device, without you having to purchase a physical copy, saving paper and ink. Kindles are a very thin and convenient tool to read with, and you don’t have to carry several heavy copies in bag for school either. I think that these innovations that evolved from the renaissance innovations help my everyday life a lot, and all have a big impact on my life. 


Overall, the innovations through out the ages, along with the ideas from both Europe and Asia, as well as the renaissance, impacted the world that existed at the time, and made our world into what it is today. The innovations from the renaissance grew from the innovations in the Middle Ages, and evolved into the innovations that we use in our everyday lives today. Those innovations will probably continue to evolve and improve in the future as well. We can only work harder and look forward to how these amazing innovations will change for the better (or hopefully not the worse) in the future. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Good bye!

I made this Triptych using Superimpose X and Google Arts & Culture, and made many many drafts to get to what it is now. First, I had to sketch out the whole triptych, and plan out where everything was. Then I had to find a painting from the renaissance, and edit my face into it. After that, I drew in the innovations for each panel. Finally, I used Superimpose X to edit in all the images of the innovations that I planned to put in to each of my panels. I chose to edit and crop my triptych to look like this, because this was my first time using anything even slightly similar to photoshop, and it was quite challenging making this, and I know that it could have looked better, but this was the best I could do with the skills that I have now.



  • My plan of what my triptych was going to look like

I learned a lot through the process of making this triptych. I learned about all the different innovations that impacted our world and the renaissance world, I learned how to make (and not take) notes using craft, and I learned how to edit and created images using Superimpose X. And even though I’m very proud of my results, something that I would have done differently if I could do this whole project again, is to make the images in my left and right panels look more natural by making more drafts and revisions, and explore more skills from Superimpose X to make my triptych look even better than it does now. Overall, I think that my final product turned out better than I thought it would, especially since I didn’t have as much drafts and revisions as I thought I would. Thank you for reading this post, and see you at my next one!

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