My triptych

The triptych made by me

Ideas form Europe and Asia changed the world by influencing how we act and look today. Goal: explain the historical background of your tryptich to the world. I saw that the newer reinesance innovations had more colour and elegance. Colours were more drab and less bold, average people wherent fancy. People dress more simple some still have a certain elegance. Tryptic’s where an medieval style of paintings that had three panels. It told a story through three pannels and often the middle one was the largest. In our assignment we had to create a tryptic that represent diffrent times and three innovations. We had to show how the’ve eveolved over time. Here’s the description of my three pannels! My left panel was representing new ideas in the renaissance. I wanted to show how women, beauty and capturing portraits have change. (Also kinda the use of colour) I showed that in the left panel by using quite a lot colour and the lady in it had a bold coloured dress. I also made sure to look decently regal and proud since women where expected to look more beautiful. I also wanted to show that even poorer people still dressed fancy unlike the Middle Ages. For the capturing portraits of people, I wanted to show that in the renaissance painting where more detailed and boldly coloured. My right pannel is showing traditional ideas in the renaissance. It’s also showing all the same innovations as the right pannel. In this one I was dressed in bland colours and had a scarf over my head to show that women in the Middle Ages where more reserved especially the poorer part of them had more shabby clothes then the rich but in the renaissance poorer people had colourful and flashy stuff. In the beauty part I wanted to show that even people in higher ranks had more reserved clothing then the newer renaissance. For capturing portraits I still did painting as the for but I wanted to show that they had a little less detailed painting. My middle pannel is representing the new ideas from the renaissance affected my world today. I wanted to show how women, beauty and capturing portraits have change. In recent times women’s styles vary from simple to fancy and normally based on your wealth so technically women’s styles are closer to the Middle Ages in classes of beauty. But if we’re talking about ho much beauty matters has gone down. Even though we still have evolved more we still sometimes have outrageous beauty standerds. I think that that is quite insane. We still judge people on how they look? Crazy. Anyways in the photo I’m taking a photo in front of two paintings. In fact those paintings are the paintings that in the other photos where getting painted. Taking a photo is showing the capturing portraits part. Nowadays people are still being painted but the more common option is taking a photo. So that’s my triptych! I think that it’s important to see how we’ve been influenced by the past and how we still run on hundred year old traditions. Through these times that I showed they are all quite similar but you can still see the differences through the ages. I’m happy I got to learn about all these cool times and innovations. Thank you for reading!


Here is what I’m going explain more about my learning in this projet

1. How was it made? I made this over two days. I made it because i think that these photos fit

2. Was the learning hard? Yes and no. A lot of the stuff i already knew but i still  learnt a lot!

3. Overall what did you takeaway from this project? I learnt a lot about the renaissance and keeping up with things. I also learned a lot about the diffrent styles and thinking of people back then and how it affects us today.

The driving question was how did ideas from Europe and Asia changed the world. I think I’ve answered it.

What do you think?


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