My First Winter Exhibition!

Every year PLP hosts 2 exhibitions to showcase our learning surrounding different topics. This 2022 Winter Exhibition was based off all the different themes of Avatar. The grade eights were given ~1 week and half to complete their artifact for the exhibition. However, there were some guidelines:

-Had to be in a box form, or in a box

-Relates to your theme statement

-Answers driving question

While following the above, I went through multiple ideas, and learning curves. I had three total ideas before I came up with my official product. The constant plan changing did indeed drag me slightly behind. Out of these mistakes I learned more about my self, and how I can grow for our next exhibition. The idea I landed on sent the right message, was accurate to what I was imagining, and was something I was proud of. On the other hand, my previous thoughts were un clear, not realistic for our soon due date, and was something I would not be proud to present. Next time, before committing to an idea, I would ask myself 2 questions;

  1. Does it deliver the message I am seeking?
  2. Will I be proud to present this?

If my answers are no, I would re evaluate my thinking before progressing to the next step. By using these steps, I will remain timely and will help me smoothly move forward towards my goal.

 After finishing my box, it was time show off each of my project on the day of exhibition. Each exhibition room was divided based on the theme of your project, and we had from 3:00-5:30 to prepare and set up our set rooms. Luckily, I was placed in a room with many responsible older leaders to help us thrive throughout the exhibition. We all worked well together and were overall very productive with our time. Unlike the making of my box, the exhibition day was smooth with little bumps. As time went on, I grew more experience on how to best describe my thinking and how to present in the most clear manor. Although majority of the Winter Exhibition was a success, next time I will strive to keep focus the entire exhibition rather than having small distractions.

I gained much experience from just my first exhibition, and I am excited for my next!

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