Humanities – Middle Ages Reflection

During the past 4 weeks, our class learned all about the feudal system and the crusades. In the first couple weeks, we learned all about Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and the general Middle Ages religious conflict. Already I was extremely intrigued by the barbaric and harsh ways of the time, but this was only an introduction. We each were asked to create two keynote presentations answering the driving question: “How did the quest for power impact peoples lives in the Middle Ages?” The first presentation based on the Feudal System/Middle Ages, and the other about the Crusades.

Not only did I learn many different events during the Middle Ages, but I also learned new tools and feedback to benefit my work. While making my presentations I consistently second guessed my work until I came up with a question for myself that assures my strict standards are being met; “If you were learning about *blank*, and read this work, would you understand and learn from *blank*?” Asking myself the above question helped me filter an understandable, clear, and informational way of writing (overall improving the quality of my writing). 

After submitting both presentations, Ms. Madsen (my Humanities teacher at the time), suggested I adjust my Humanities Learning Plan goal from an accomplished, to an exceeding. This was my first assignment that required no revisions, making me very proud. However, there are always adjustments I can make for future me. behind the Scenes of this project were not as picture perfect. I had waited till the very last minute to complete the project, reflecting poorly on my time management skills. Next time, I will incorporate my planning apps such as Things and Calendar to help set deadlines for myself. This way I will have an organized, and limited stress experience while finishing projects.

Despite the time management bump, this was my proudest work of the semester. I had learned new tools for myself, and  I am proud of the quality and end effort I put into this project.

Keynote Animation Middle Ages Feudal System


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