Mind Over Matter!

Our second project (Mind over Matter) of this semester was another hit! The project was divided into three different keystones which were all about different states of matter and in the end we even made a video game! 

🧱 Keystone 1: Who am I?

The first keystone of our projects objective was to practice using different units and identifying quantitative versus qualitative observations.


This first keystone was great preparation for the next keystone!

🧱Keystone 2: Gummy Bear Diffusion

This was my favourite keystone of the project. We were asked to make an experiment (in partners) to answer the driving question: does the composition of the gummy bear change the time or way of diffusion? So me and my partner decided to leave 3 different gummy bears  (sour patch kid gummy, regular Haribo gummy, and low sugar gummy) in 3 separate Luke warm water filled beakers.


We recorded our predictions and results, and had a lot of fun eating left o ear gummies!   

🧱Keystone 3: Video game!

After about 3 weeks of hard work, we made a video game to show what we have learned throughout this project. This was the toughest keystone for me. To make our video games we were required to CODE… I have never been the best at coding so I definitely struggled in the beginning. Luckily I pushed through and found a helpful tutorial to help guide me. In the end I made a true or false video game based on everything we have learned during this project, and now I know how to code!

Humanities – Middle Ages Reflection

During the past 4 weeks, our class learned all about the feudal system and the crusades. In the first couple weeks, we learned all about Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and the general Middle Ages religious conflict. Already I was extremely intrigued by the barbaric and harsh ways of the time, but this was only an introduction. We each were asked to create two keynote presentations answering the driving question: “How did the quest for power impact peoples lives in the Middle Ages?” The first presentation based on the Feudal System/Middle Ages, and the other about the Crusades.

Not only did I learn many different events during the Middle Ages, but I also learned new tools and feedback to benefit my work. While making my presentations I consistently second guessed my work until I came up with a question for myself that assures my strict standards are being met; “If you were learning about *blank*, and read this work, would you understand and learn from *blank*?” Asking myself the above question helped me filter an understandable, clear, and informational way of writing (overall improving the quality of my writing). 

After submitting both presentations, Ms. Madsen (my Humanities teacher at the time), suggested I adjust my Humanities Learning Plan goal from an accomplished, to an exceeding. This was my first assignment that required no revisions, making me very proud. However, there are always adjustments I can make for future me. behind the Scenes of this project were not as picture perfect. I had waited till the very last minute to complete the project, reflecting poorly on my time management skills. Next time, I will incorporate my planning apps such as Things and Calendar to help set deadlines for myself. This way I will have an organized, and limited stress experience while finishing projects.

Despite the time management bump, this was my proudest work of the semester. I had learned new tools for myself, and  I am proud of the quality and end effort I put into this project.

Keynote Animation Middle Ages Feudal System


See you next time!


Making Interesting Images

Over the past 5 days, our class has been working on making images using different techniques and tools. We learned how using more techniques can make each photo unique and meaningful. During these 5 days of making interesting images, we experimented our new found sets of image taking skills. The skills we learned all had a separate affect from other skills and were all helpful and had made each image much more interesting. In my opinion, the 3 skills that I found the most useful was using props, marking up photos, and using unique lighting. Each of the above tools helped make the images more fun and personalized. 

After discovering many different ways of growing your photography skills, we were asked to display our progress while making these images. We all created a short presentation to showcase our growth.

This is how mine turned out:


Becoming a PLP Learner

During Maker these past few months we have been writing in our Big Life Journal where we can write our goals and expectations for our future and present selves. While filling out the Big Life Journal we develop becoming a PLP learner. To become a PLP learner you have to reflect and learn from each assignment. For each assignment there is always something different you can grow upon and for my case, some projects I would do differently, or improve would be my Laptop Memoji, Digital selfie and my dream board. These projects all have helped me develop a PLP learner, and here is why:

Dream Board:

Dream board is in chapter 3 of the Big Life Journal where we were asked to draw a personal dream board with quotes, words, and visuals to represent some of our future and/or present dreams. This assignment helps organize your thoughts onto a space in order to better elaborate your goals. While drawing my dream board I learned a lot. I learned how I can better plan my future, and how no dreams are too big. However, I do think I could make improvements to my dream board. By adding more detail and dreaming bigger than owning a cat, I believe that my dream board would be far more affective in favour of my learning. Even though there are revisions I can make, this assignment helped me become a PLP learner. I learned that for my future work, I can think deeper to find my best quality ideas and there is always more room to dream bigger fro your future.

Laptop Memoji: 

The goal of the laptop memoji was to help display your personality and development of keynote skills, onto your newly created memoji. This assignment was fairly simple as the biggest challenge was using different tools on keynote and trying to express your personality using those tools. But I did get my first revision with this assignment. My teacher suggested I add more stickers and to reveal more personality into my work. I took her suggestions and revised my work until I ended up getting a rainbow (an A). As this was my first revision, I learned a lot. I learned that personalizing your work adds a more unique touch, and that asking others for suggestions to inspire your work is always helpful.

Digital selfie: 

Digital selfie was one of our first assignment which again was to show your skills relating to editing and “marking up” images from your camera roll. We were asked to take a single word that may describe you, or a word that can showcase a value of yours. I chose determination because I very much value and respect when people are determined or dedicated to something.  The photo was taken on Myrtle. I had the idea to use this photo to be ironic.  If I were to re do the Digital Selfie assignment, I would add more context to my sarcasm making the photo’s meaning more clear. This activity helped me learn more about my fellow PLP learner’s values, and how humour can play a role in your work.

School began just a few months ago and I already have learned so many new things about myself. From learning to plan my future, and discovering others perspectives, I am so excited to continue PLP and learn in many more unique ways!