Small But Mighty 🦠

From January till March, our Science class has done many assignments to conclude our first science project, Small But Mighty. This science project has been about learning different cells (specifically cells in our immune system), and their purposes and how they keep us healthy. The projects was split up between 4 smaller assignments. 

The first assignment was hands on, and was a great introduction for our learning of cells. We all had the opportunity to learn how to use a microscope, and got to look at bacteria that we interact with everyday. I decided to compare the different bacteria that grows on the toilet seat, vs bacteria on a toilet handle.  

Day of swabbing

5 days of bacterial growth


After a few weeks of learning the basics, we learned about different types of immune cells. To assure our understanding of the immune cells, everyone got to create character card based off of each immune cell. Each character card had to state their functions. All of my characters were based off of Mario Cart Characters.

*this was probably my favourite assignment from this project*

Our 3rd assignment was collaborative. We were asked to create a poster that would educate people away from specific medical myths. Annie and I chose to make a poster clearing the rumour that vaccines cause autism.

Our poster

The last task was to make another poster incorporating bacteria drawings drawn by younger kids from elementary. The posters goal was to be medically useful, while still being clear and understandable to a broad age range.

Overall, Small but Mighty was an extremely fun project to kick off our 2nd semester, and I am so excited for the rest of grade 8 science!

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