Spring exhibition

For this years spring exhibition and my first one we had to present our ads in our groups to the public. For our groups we had wolf haven. When presenting it er also had to bring food and a game or activity for people to do. For our groups we brought popsicles and paw shaped cookies and our activity we face paint. I found that the set up went really well. The teachers weren’t there for most of the setup and that helped it go smoother. Our group was ready a bit before people came so it allowed us to make everything perfect. The tear down was quitve mind numbing we had to roll up these bud mats that were on the floor which too for every but once we got the hang of it, it went quite fast. On thing that in think we could do better as a class would be to stay in our own stations/groups because our fase paint would get crowded then the guest could use it nor even now it was there. As an individual i could have been more proactive when talking to people and asking more question for our teachers before it happened.

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