This year has been an interesting learning year. I’ve learned new things, and discovered new openings. This years driving question is “why do you feel you are ready to advance to the next grade level?” and here is my reasons why.

To start of, I would like to show my reflection on my growth as a learner in the PLP courses. From September to June.

Science- this year, PLP provided us with a separate class of science. In it, we learned about electrons, bioaccumulation, mitosis, and periodic tables. We had 4 main projects, on which topics I was just pointing out.

First keystone we did was “Handle with care” and we learned on how to do food webs, in which I learned on how each animal or living thing uses to live. Did an ecosystem, in what I learned what a abiotic and biotic elements are. Next up, we did a bioaccumulation/biomagnification gif, that helped me to learn more about the process of those elements. And last off, we did a project on all of those elements. We creates an account on social media, and let people aware of what they are.

Second keystone we did in science was “Life as we know it”. We learned that Mitosis is the process of cell division that results in two identical daughter cells. Meiosis is the process of cell division that results in four genetically diverse daughter cells. Asexual reproduction, which is a type of reproduction that only requires one parent and results in offspring that are genetically identical to the parent. And this project ended with Sexual reproduction, on which we did a puppet show.

Next up, we did a project named “Essential Elements”, in which we only had one keystone, that was the interactive periodic table. The periodic table is a tabular arrangement of the chemical elements, organized on the basis of their atomic number, electron configurations, and chemical properties. It’s a useful tool for chemists to predict the properties of elements and understand how they react with one another.

And the last project we did was “Exciting electricity”. First of, we did a infographic on the sustainability of our chosen energy source. I chose biomass. Biomass is organic matter, such as wood, crops, or waste, that can be used as a fuel source. It can be burned to produce heat or electricity, or converted into liquid biofuels like ethanol or biodiesel. Biomass is considered a renewable energy source because it can be replenished over time through natural processes. We also did a PHeT activity, in which we got to build circuit elements. For the last one, we did an Ohm’s law, where I learned what it was. Ohm’s Law states that the current through a conductor between two points is directly proportional to the voltage across the two points. This relationship is described by the equation I = V/R, where I is the current, V is the voltage, and R is the resistance of the conductor.

As for the next subject, I’m going to mention maker.
First project we did was “Growth mind selfie”. In this project, I expended my learning on how to take pictures professionally, how to write long term goals, edit portraits.

The second project we did was “Finding fun with videos”. In that project I learned how to create jump cut videos, make AR snow globe, learned how to use green screen, and how to do a memoji storytelling.

Next up, we have “Vibrant video”. In this project I learned how to use shots and angles, as well I got to work with a group in which we did a video about our goals.

Moving on, we did another project named “Your first film”. This project was based on the movie avatar, which later on was inspired in our exhibition. We created our own films, and we got to have a lot of teamwork.

The last project we did in Maker, was “Stop motion viral video”. We had a partner with whom we created a video about stop motion.

For the last but not least, Humanities. First of, we did a project called “Full steam ahead”. In that project we learned all about the poems. Poems are a form of creative writing that use language and imagery to express emotions, ideas, and experiences. They can take many different forms, from sonnets and haikus to free verse and concrete poetry. Poems often use techniques like rhyme, meter, repetition, and metaphor to create a particular mood or effect.

Next up, we have “The power of geography”. For this project, we got to go to Alberta, in which we learned on what geography is. We did a book, to understanding the geographic characteristics.

For this project, we did an amazing representation of the revolution, which was named “Storm the barricades”. I was in the team of the American revolution. The American Revolution was a political upheaval in which thirteen colonies in North America broke away from British rule and formed the United States.

Next up, we had a very interesting project named “Rise of Frankenstuffies”. In that project, we made weird stuffies, which we later on used for our movies. This project was based on the book “Leviathan”. “Leviathan” is a 1651 book by English philosopher Thomas Hobbes. It argues for a strong central government to prevent chaos and maintain social order. Hobbes believed humans are selfish and violent, and without authority, they would revert to a state of nature characterized by anarchy. The book is considered one of the most important works of political philosophy in modern history.

For the second last project we did, we learned how the indigenous people were treated, and learned the map of Canada. For this project, which was named “A case for a nation”, we did a board game based on the Indigenous rights. Indigenous people have faced mistreatment and discrimination, including forced relocation, violence, and cultural suppression. Dispossession of land and resources has led to social, economic, and health disparities. Communities continue to advocate for their rights and recognition.

For last but not least, “Dulce et Decorum Est”. In this project, we learned all about WWI, and did an exhibition on it. As well as creating interesting displays, we did paragraphs on what WWI is.

Although it was a lot of hard work, theres always room for improvement. For the next year, I want to improve on my paragraphs, and work on videos.

To answer our driving question, I feel I’m ready to advance to the next grade because I have showed responsibility, and attendance to grade 9 year, and I feel that grade 10 will be great challenge to educate.

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