This year has been an interesting learning year. I’ve learned new things, and discovered new openings. This years driving question is “why do you feel you are ready to advance to the next grade level?” and here is my reasons why. To start of, I would like to show my reflection on my growth as […]


Hello, and welcome back to my blog post! This is the new years mPol. So to start off, we learned about geography, science, child slavery, and more.  First, I want to show what I’ve done during Humanities. If use another words for Humanities, it’s Social Studies. First project we did was discovering geography. With that […]

Nature and Ecosystem

Hello everyone, this is my science blog post. Let’s begin with the very first keystone for this project. The food web. We created a a game in scratch. I personally drew each animal, and then described what each of those animals eat, and do. Iincluded 10 living things, and came up with realistic interactions between […]


Hello, this is the end of the year, which means we have to do our tPols. tPol is an assignment given to us to show what we have done throughout the year. To start of, I’ll say that we have done 4 different projects in maker, 6 in humanities, and 6 in scimatics. I’ll show […]

New beginnings

New beginnings is a project in humanities. It is about New France, fur trade, creating ads, and many other things. We started with revised seycove ad challenge. We had groups chosen for us. In this project we had to go out, take a picture, and edit it so it looks like an ad for seycove. […]

Comic cells

Comic cells is one of the projects from scimatics. In this project we created a comic book with the bacteria or virus we chose. Like in any other scimatics projects there were 5 milestones. The first milestone was creating a mind map. In the mind map we had to discover different bacterias, and viruses. Milestone […]

Mid-point DI blog post

DI is short for Destination Imagination.  We have been doing since the start of November. The new semester started, and we’re still not quite finished. So far me and my team already have most of the story done, and we have a bunch of ideas for our costume ideas. My role is time manager, and […]

Semester ending

Hey, welcome back to my blog. I’ll show today what have we done so far in maker, humanities, and scimatics. I’ll begin with my humanities. In the very beginning we did project with deep cove places. My group got covert.  We did a lot of  work with decorating our ad. We were able to have […]