Hello, this is the end of the year, which means we have to do our tPols. tPol is an assignment given to us to show what we have done throughout the year. To start of, I’ll say that we have done 4 different projects in maker, 6 in humanities, and 6 in scimatics. I’ll show everything we have done in grade 8.

And I’ll begin with maker. The very first project we did in maker, was becoming a plp learner. We had 19 assignments we had to complete in this project. The very first assignment was “Who am I WordPack image”, in this assignment we created an image in app called WordPack, and it had to be about us. Here’s a picture of it: 

Right after this assignment we had a task called “Digital Selfie”. For this task, we went outside and took pictures of our selfs, and we had to edit them. It was a fun activity for learning on how to create any photos we want with just Apple photos editing.

Next activity called “3,2,1 mentor text connection” helped our teachers to understand what we thought of plp and the people in there. We had to include in it: 3 things we noticed all three teachers share in common, 2 differences between all the three teachers, and 1 thing we found strange.

Moving onto the next task named “awesome description I am statement”, we had to use 3 things that represent us. I think it was helpful to our teachers to understand us a tiny bit more.

“BLJ interest brain” the name of our next assignment. We were given a journal on our iPads, and on one of the pages there was interest brain. This was probably another thing to help our teachers get us to know us better. We had to add some things we enjoy, love, hate, and etc. Let me show you a quick representation on how it looks like:

looking at the next assignment we had, named “Memoji laptop sticker creation”, we were given a tutorial on how to create our own sticker. In just a moment, I’ll show you what it looked like, but before I do, I’ll explain on how we created it. We used a Memoji we have been shown that is a laptop with our Memoji in the back. We also created our own Memojis. We found or created stickers on app called keynote. Now, this is what it looks like:


Instead of keep on showing all the other assignments we had in becoming a plp learner, we will have a look at the next project we had, construction creative community aka CCC. In this project we were separated in 2 groups and were learning about Emily Carr, and Herzog. I got to be in the group herzog first, herzog was a famous creator of different pictures, and movies. And Emily Carr, was a famous painter, so we go to learn technics on how to create them. After about 2 weeks of herzog, we switched and went to Emily Carr. I’ll show some evidence of the learning:

The next project, is called DI. It’s a pretty big project we did. For this project, our teachers chose groups for us, and we started with thinking on what we can create. My group got tricky tales, in my group we had to create a story, make costumes, create props, and etc. Most of the groups had to do the same, but some were lucky and only had to do illusion. We had this project for 6 months, and it wasn’t just the grade 8s who had this project, but grade 9,10, and 12 were also involved. This project was a very fun experience which helped us think on how we can create different things.

The next project was “Geek Out blog challenge”. In this project, we chose our topics on what we want to write our blogs about. There were 4 blog posts in the end. This was a great help with learning on how to write blog posts correct, how to include punctuation, pictures, and etc.

I’ve introduced all the maker projects, but now I’ll move on to humanities. Like I’ve said earlier there are 6 projects in humanities. The medium is the message, the outsiders, working with words, the renaissance: a change engine, argh matey, and new beginnings.

Let’s begin with the first project. The medium is the message. There are 14 assignments in this project. I won’t be showing all of them, but I will explain what is the medium is the message. First, like in most projects, we were given groups. This project was about advertising, with the groups that we were given, we also had a business given to us that are all located in deep cove. I got to work with a cafe called “covert” it was amazing experience for communication, and a lot of students actually felt like it was absolutely real and enjoyed it.

The next project I’ll introduce is “the outsiders”. This was probably one of my favourite projects of all times. First, as always, we were given a group. We started with reading a book called “the outsiders”, I loved this book. The Outsiders is about two weeks in the life of a 14 year old boy. The novel tells the story of Ponyboy Curtis and his struggles with right and wrong in a society in which he believes that he is an outsider. After we have finished reading a book, our groups had to create a poster that goes to the boom and the movie “the outsiders”. We got to watch the movie outsiders, and it was really nice. After that, we started preparing for our exhibition that was created for outsiders. Unfortunately, I got sick when the exhibition was actually happening.

Working with words, is the name of the next project. in this project we learnt on how to create an ebook. We did a about me video, and based of it we created an ebook. We learnt different type of poetries in this project. We had a lot of fun activities that included poetry.

The 4th project is called “The renaissance: a change engine”. This project was about literature. In this project, there were included great inventors like Leonardo da Vinci. We could’ve used any other inventor for this project, but I chose Leonardo da vinci. Why? Because I think he’s a great engineer and a great artist who created many great things that helps us nowadays. We had an assignment called “renaissance triptych”, where we shown, what our artist have done in the past, how it looks now, and how it will look in the future.

Moving onto “Argh matey!”, this project was about creating a story based on true events when pirates were real. We were drawing, thinking, and creating a story.

“New beginnings” sounds quite promising, with that said, that’s the name of the next project. In new beginnings, we have done seycove ad challenge, which I think is amazing for remembering our skills from September, when we did another ad challenge. Even tho ads aren’t the main focus in this project. Our teachers gave us different topics from which we could choose one to create. I chose “construction of New France”. We created 2 different pictures that we took in the forest earlier l, and those pictures had to represent our topics.

The last but not least, scimatics. We had 6 projects in scimatics this year. Factions of your time, tectonic chances, laser laws, chemistry coding, ultimate design challenge, and comic cells.

Fractions of your time, the first scimatics project. This project was mostly about math. We tracked our own selfs on how much time we spend on our electronics. This is what it looks like:

Moving onto the next project, tectonic chances. I loved this project, it was about creating a game with different volcanoes, tsunami, and etc. In this project, me and my partner created a game that was like a surviving game. There was cards that could save you, or cards that could help you solve the game. It was nice experience.

“laser laws”, name of our next project. In this project we had partners, but partners got paired up with other partners, so the work would be done faster. We have used lasers to create a shape. To crate that shape, we used different mirrors and placed them so they would create a triangle when you put your laser.

Next project is “chemistry coding”. This project was about coding and creating a game. I have used atomic structures, carbon atoms, and oxygen molecules. The idea of the game was finding which one is the oxygen molecule.

Looking onto our next project called “ultimate design challenge”. In this project, we had to create an object out of a shape, and do calculations to the object. I have used 3 shapes, and my final product was a modern house. Talking about those 3 shapes, they were cylinder, cube, and cone. These are some pictures from the project:
For the next time, I’ll definitely try to improve by using more shapes.

Now, our last scimatics project in grade 8 was “comic cells”. This project was about finding a virus or bacteria, doing research and on it, and creating a comic book. We did a disease wanted poster, which is explaining our virus or bacteria, and why it’s dangerous. After we have done our poster, we did a little “Khan Cells Test”. It was online, and there wasn’t only test, but there also was quizzes so they could help you with test. After that we had a storyboard which is like a mini comic book, I’ll show what it looks like in just a second. And after we have done our storyboard, we started doing the actual comic book.
this is what the wanted poster looked like:

This is what we had to hand in for our test:

this was our storyboard:

and finally, this was my comic book:

Thank you for watching my tpol.

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