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This is my D&D set up when making quests It is my character sheets, dice books, maps and story I was working on today so I thought I would take a photo of it. I also edited out some shelving stuff and adjusted the brightness of the photo because it was quite dark. When I am actually playing D&D and not working on my mega quest> I have my core books, dice and my characters on my iPad because it saves space and is easier to manage as I don’t need my quest and map book. If you’re wondering about my mega quest. I am making a giant quest involving Dragonborn’s and the war between good and bad dragons.

The process involved setting up my map binder first. Then I spread out my characters sheets and place empty character sheets in a pile. Then I put my quest book on top of a portion of the sheets. Then I added the core rulebooks, placed the pencils and my sharpener. After that I added my bag of dice and took the photo. Next I opened pixlemator photo, increased the resolution and edited out some junk in the background. Next I increased some settings so you could see everything and then I was done.

I have to go write more of the quest now because I can’t work on it later. Bye!!!!

Link to get dungeon crawling

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  1. Charlie M says:

    Hi Keenan!

    Amazing job on your blog post! I was interested when I read the title. One thing though. You had a couple of grammar problems with your post. When you said “If your wondering about my mega quest”, you should say If you’re wondering about my mega quest. Overall, great job!

    Check out my blog here:

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