Destination Imagination 1/2 Refletion

For the past while I have been working on something called Destination Imagination or DI for short. DI is a competition were teams (with cool names) compete to come up with the best solution for a challenge, on top of that we have to make a skit and complete an instant challenge.

There are also different types of challenges, their is technical, scientific, improv, fine arts and many more. I am doing the technical challenge. In the challenge we have to create a story involving an escape that involves 2 devices that overcome 3 hazards, the story also has to involve a skill, and 2 elements that we choose.

Our stages of the creative process we have gone through so far.

The first is recognize; in recognize we learn about the rules of the challenge and what we need to do. This involves learning our budget, task, and confinements that they give us. We also learn about the rules every one has to follow and clarify any questions about what is allowed and what is not. This was very important as it clarified some budgeting things so we did not have to scrap something due to budgeting.

Initiate and collaborate

This is were we design, create, test, and criticize everything about our solution. I can’t give much details as I am not allowed to unfortunately do to certain rules. All I will say is that this stage is one of or if not the most important stages.

We also have instant challenges

These are challenges that we do not know what we are going to attempt till we are about to do it. We practice for these by attempting past challenges from previous years of DI. These are important as it counts to a large amount of our score and can be the winning decision in the competition. I could give a lot of reasons but I don’t want the post to drag on.

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