PLP Winter Exhibition 2022

 This PLP winter exhibition was a great learning experience! My original idea for creating my artifact was to make a projector and display different photos of local forests. While creating my prototype everything was going pretty good and then when I started to construct it I realized that it would be harder than I thought. Unfortunately that was not going to work, I needed a dark room and a clear picture I wasn’t quite sure at the time how it would turn out.  After creating plan B, I soon realized that I would use this as my main plan. During this process I learned that mistakes are just a way of learning and that when we make them it is just another way to improve and make more quality work. In the end I had the tree of souls that I had created and I showed its communication between other trees and I made sure that my theme statement had reflected my box. I chose to do climate change and nature preservation because of living in BC. Here ecpecially in Vancouver there are lots of forests and I think that it is really important that we help protect trees and look after their well-being. 

The exhibition ran pretty smoothly I was able to become more comfortable with sharing my work and explaining my process. I think that this exhibition was a great way to develop public speaking skills and communicate and share our ideas with our peers. While setting up for the exhibition it was really nice to get to collaborate and share our ideas for the room decor. We were all planning together and I got to work as a team with New people. During the setup I got to meet new people and make new friends. It was interesting to get to know people and I think that the exhibition was a great way to bring new people together. Overall, I think that my first PLP exhibition went very well and I can’t wait for the next one!