European colonization 🌎🫢

Hi! Welcome back to another blog post. Our driving question for this project was “what did European settlement mean for all involved.”  To answer this question we had to learn more about New France and how colonization started. We completed three keystones to learn more about the different causes and a consequences of colonization.

keystone #1

For keystone one we had to create an art chart showing the inferences and the evidence. The image I was given was drawn by C.W Jeffrey’s and was called Indian trading furs 1785. I had to analyze the drawing and write down my thoughts. Here is my image and my art chart. ⬇️


Keystone #2

Keystone two was much different than keystone one. Our task was to re interpret our image and re draw it from the indigenous peoples perspective. I used my skills in sketches and traced my image in black and white and making small changes. For this I chose to make the European figure bigger and leaning over the counter to represent intimidation, while making the indigenous figure smaller so i could show how they might be uncomfortable. Here is my re interpreted image. ⬇️

keystone #3

In keystone three we had to Create an AR video script . We first created a script answering different questions about colonization. We had to explain our learning while answering the driving question, and talking about the long term effects of colonization. We then had to use the app AR Maker to put our video together. This was our last part of our project “the finish line”. Here is my AR video I hope you enjoy!