MPOL – January 24th

Hello! This is a post about the work I’ve done from September – January, and what its taught me. I have 3 questions that relate to my work, my growth as a learner and how I want to improve. Then I have a question that I created that I’m going to ask my teachers and mom (and possibly Nash.) So, lets begin!


Persistence. This word describes me as I never give up, and never will no matter the circumstance, and if I’m not satisfied with my work I will restart.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s my Lake Louise video. I scripted it, got the clips, and edited it (for hours and hours.)

Why is this special you ask? Well, this is only draft one… After a few days of editing, revising, taking critique I ended up with that video, planning it to be my final draft…. And well let’s say I just wasn’t personally satisfied. I didn’t feel I was telling a story, and it just felt like mediocre work. This was confusing as I spent hours and hours on it. A quote by Ms Willemse popped into my mind as I realized

“Putting a lot of effort something doesn’t always mean its good.”

I knew I could do better. So I fully restarted. I found a new story to tell, rewrote it, re-edited it, and handed it in after a day or two. This is my favorite video I have ever made. This really showed me I am just as stubborn school work wise and I am in real life, and that prescience pays off.

To continue the proof that I have Persistence, I’m going to talk about The Frankinstuffy and Metaphor Machine Video…

I’m never using IMovie ever again

Picture this: It’s 10 o’clock. You have been editing since 3:00. You go to save your groups project. You save it, and go to hand it in and you decided to watch your very good video your very proud of and excited to show to your teacher and classmates. Oh wait, iMovie has messed up the whole video. You silently freak out and pray that in iMovie your video is how you left it. Nope. All the clips are all moved around, audio is missing, videos cropped shorter or longer and some clips are even deleted. You spam the redo button. Nothing happens.

Basically, I had re edit My Metaphor Machine and Frankinstuffy videos. I could have

A) Given up the project and disappoint myself and teachers 👎🏽 

B) Worked even harder than before to get it done 👍🏽

Choice A didn’t even pop into my mind. The persistence inside of me made me sit there and redo them. I’m proud of those videos especially because I didn’t give up. This taught me It’s important to make good final products, because that’s what’s going to show all the hard work, and things me and my group have done and learned. Those three videos are proof of persistance. 


I pay attention to details, always have and always will. This means that when see that someone’s work is good, I try to learn from it to improve my own.

Ive noticed in my friends Daniels work, one of the things that make it stand out from others is the really good writing. This made me realize excellent writing really enhances the work we have done. In most of my videos and paragraphs the actual wording of what I’m trying to get across is just a task. Nothing special. I want to change that using my growth mindset. 

I want to focus on the quality of information in my projects just as much how it looks. So, I have set the goal to focus on story and script writing just as much on how aesthetically pleasing to the eyes it Is. I’m going to do this by expanding my vocabulary, and try to grow a style of writing that is intriguing, easy to follow, lots of fancy words that enhance what I’m trying to say, and to make sure what I’m trying to say is clear.



Stress less and Don’t carry other peoples weight in group projects!

My last year SCL goal, that I’m slowly achieving!

“Stress less” means I want to think on the bright side of all the work I do, and not let it ruin my day. I just want to not be as always stressed out. I will do this by always staying organized and not to procrastinate as much. Ive gotten way better at this since last year but there is still room for improvement.



What I need to be advocating more

What I mean by “Don’t carry other peoples weight in group projects” is when I’m in a group project, I’m usually the one who does the most work because someone doesn’t do there part. I have been told I’m bossy, and that kinda scared me and made me think oh whatever I can do the work but I’ve learnt that if I’m polite, being “bossy” isnt always a bad thing. Someone has to be there to motivate and tell people what to do… To conclude this question Ive learnt that doing other peoples work is bad because:

1) They will think there is always some there to save them when they don’t take there responsibility, which in almost every case in life is wrong.

2) I should on focus on my work and doing the best I can, personally.

What are some ways I can step out of my comfort zone? I’m happy with my work so I now want to challenge myself to try new ways of overall creating, and leave my comfort zone.


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