Learning Portfolio

Triptych project

THESIS: Ideas from Europe and Asia changed the world by adding to our knowledge and our life expectancy.

TOPIC 1: Left: the new ideas from the Renaissance changed the Renaissance world by the creation of the telescope, binoculars, and glasses. The telescope and binoculars changed things because people could see space and things that were farther away. It made a difference because people could learn about stars and other places, like planets. That impacted how the Church was seen because people realized that maybe the Earth was not the Centre of the universe.

TOPIC 2: Right: The traditional ideas that people had before the Renaissance included scribes, their own eyes, and witchcraft. So back then, they used witchcraft for things like healing. They did not have knowledge of the human body, so they used healing and even magic.

TOPIC 3: Centre: The new ideas from the Renaissance changed my world today by giant telescopes, sunglasses, and hospitals. People can see. Giant telescopes helped people get into space. If I get hurt, I can go to the hospital. Overall, these things have helped me live a better life. In the Renaissance, if I broke my leg, I would have had to just sit at home and wait or chop off my leg. Conclusion: In conclusion, the ideas from Europe and Asia change the world because people created the printer press so people didn’t have to use scribes anymore. I’m glad that I have the healthcare I have.

What I learned I learned: What I learned was a triptych is 3 paneled art that is the same but different. It depicts messages like in the Medieval Period it was mostly religious. Art is supposed to send a message.

How I learned: I learned by taking notes in class, researching on Basecamp and class discussions. I learned about the Renaissance from classroom instruction

What was exciting? What was boring? In my opinion it wasn’t too exciting. I felt like it took too long.  It was fun or “exciting” to Photoshop my face onto a Medieval painting.

Learning Portfolio

Winter Exhibition

  1. What went well during exhibition and leading up to it, exhibition in general, and your box and construction of your box? 


Leading up to the exhibition nothing went well. I finished some of my stuff a day or two days before the exhibition. The weeks before the exhibition we kind of just talked and there wasn’t much work getting done. During the exhibition no one really asked me any questions. None of the parents, except for my mom, asked me any questions. I got to stand there the whole night; two kids beside me were asked questions the whole night. I got to stand there, which I was good with because I didn’t really want to be there. 

As for the construction of my box, I started a bit late because I didn’t have the supplies the first two days. I came to school with almost half of it done the next day, and then I got it done. But then on the last day (maybe the day of the exhibition or the day before), I brought my box in because the teachers wanted a revision on the box. I brought it to school but there was barely anything added to it. My box looked liked a box of dirt. I don’t have any good pictures of it because I have a bad phone and the room was really dark, so my photos are blurry. I don’t know what happened to my box after; I don’t know if I kept it at school or if it’s at home. 


  1. What could go better next time? 

The teachers make it sound like it will be way worse than it actually is: they said that you are going to die from standing there and being asked questions, but they make it more stressful than it actually was and has to be (they kind of add stress telling you that you have no time when you actually have an hour). The grade 8s (and the older grades) were just running around trying to put things up, but in my group, we didn’t know what to do, so we kind of just stood around. The older grades were running around trying to get stuff done as fast as they could. In my group of 4 or 5, we kind of just stood around.  The teachers were stressing out. None of the teachers were telling us where our station was, we knew the general area, but we didn’t know where exactly. We started setting up, but we had to change it up a bit because the teachers moved us. We were in the gym hallway. I think that teachers were trying to draw more attention to us (we were near the food station), but people didn’t come over to our station very much. 

As for myself, I don’t know what I could do better next time. It would be nice to be in a group with my friends. In my group, I didn’t know the other kids that well except one person who I am kind of friends with. If I was with my friends I could stand up longer during the exhibiting because I would be with my friends. I could have come up with a better idea for my box and put more time into it.