Learning Portfolio

Lucio Lanari – mPOL

Driving questions

How have I demonstrated growth as a learner so far this year?

How can I sharpen my Learning Plan to ensure I will reach my learning targets by the end of this school year?


Q1. Seating was not an issue because the random seats. I don’t feel I listen better in class.
Q2. I’m not sure. Asking questions and using class time better.
Example Triptych

Triptych project

Reflection: I feel I did this well. I could have better because I didn’t get it done on time.


Q1. I worked independently and well in groups. I wasn’t overly loud.
Q2. Asking questions and using class time better.
Example Picture Book

Picture Book


I could have got it done on time. I could have added more color and done it better in general. I feel I could have done that using my class time more responsibility.

Learning Disposition, Habits, and Systems
Disposition Habits Systems
  • I still don’t know who I wish to be come
  • I would like to know how to use the apps all the time
  • Not talking when the teacher is talking
  • Listening more 
  • Not talking with friends
  • Getting rid of distractions
  • Don’t sit with friends that don’t talk
I find it difficult to concentrate I could have been better at this I could have been better at getting  rid of distractions

Core Competencies
This year, I plan my learning to look like:
Personal and Social
Creative Thinking:
Personal Awareness and Responsibility:
Profile 4: I communicate clearly and purposefully, using a variety of forms appropriately. Profile 1: I get ideas when I play. Profile 4: I can recognize my strengths and take responsibility for using strategies to focus, manage stress, and accomplish my goals.
Critical and Reflective Thinking:
Positive Personal and Cultural Identity:
Profile 3: I contribute during group activities with peers and share roles and responsibilities to achieve goals. Profile 2: I can use evidence to make simple judgments. Profile 5: I understand that my identity is influenced by many aspects of my life. I am aware that my values shape my choices and contribute to making me a unique individual.
Social Awareness and Responsibility:
Profile 3: I can interact with others and the environment respectfully and thoughtfully.


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