Maker Recap

Hey everyone! 

I am posting about my learner portfolio and my learning process and projects from the past two months in my Maker class. The requirements for this post was to review and reflect on some of our past projects.

  • WordPack 
  • Laptop Memoji
  • User Manual

To start off my learning in PLP we did an I am project to get to know one another. The I am statements were used to describe ourselves and we displayed them in a way so that we could showcase what we think are our best traits. I had to find some simple words that described me as a whole. This was a good project to start with because you had to think about how to easily describe yourself and to see how other students describe themselves to get a preliminary insight of them. This was a good project to start off with because everyone could see some describing words about each other.

 We also created a project called Laptop Memoji. This project was to showcase our personalities and abilities to create in keynote. We had to design a Memoji of ourselves to start off. On the laptop we got to add “stickers” in keynote. This point of this project was to practice our keynote skills and showcase our personality. We had to find images online then add them into keynote. To remove the background we used instant alpha so the focus was on the picture. I absolutely love Taylor Swift so I added multiple stickers to show my love for her. I love fashion and makeup so I added a handful of sticker to represent my love for it. I added a sticker to represent my favourite TV show, Modern Family and my favourite movie Divergent. I love my friends so I used image fill to put in a picture of my friends and I on my birthday. I have a random assortment of sticker left on my Memoji, but my favourite is the dog. If you looked at my about me page then you would have seen some photos of my slightly stupid dog. I put a dog in there to represent that she is one of my favourite things ever and that I love her, even with all of her problems. This was one of my favourite projects because I got to really showcase my personality and who I am as a person. This was such a fun project to work on because it was a bit of a break from some of the deeper, more insightful projects we have worked on more currently.

The final project I will tell you about is our User Manual. This was a fun project to tell everyone about how we feel about our lives and ourselves. This was a good project to think deep and about who your are as person and learner. We got to tell everyone what makes us run and how we keep ourselves going. It was refreshing to explain myself in a new perspective and style. We got to tell everyone effective ways to communicate with each other to get the best learning experience. These projects make it easier to be a helpful worker and learner, because I can learn about others and myself.

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