POL 2024!

Welcome to my POL! I would call it a mPol but I feel as though we’re beyond mid-year. This has been a bit of  year for me and everyone in PLP I think. This year has definitely bit more difficult for me. I felt as though I had a stronger start, but I slowly started … [Read more…]

DI Regionals 2024!

Considering that I am terrified of public presentation, DI has been the nightmare of PLP that has haunted me since I’ve started. Since grade 8, I’d known that I’d eventually have to participate in the competition. DI is a tournament throughout the world, where you are put into groups and have to collaborate with new … [Read more…]


Ever heard of a Rabbit, frog and alicorn all mixed together? Until 2 months ago it wasn’t a real animal. But thanks to me and my frankenstuffie school project, you can all be blessed by the wonder that is Benjamin Garrett Brog!  To start off our projects, we had to take 3 or more stuffies … [Read more…]

Loon lake 2023

Welcome back to my third blog post about my third PLP trip of 2024! Everyone wants to know what there future holds for them. Unfortunately our future is something that is just out of our control. We never know what could happen and change at any  given moment. Even thought we never can know what … [Read more…]

Spring Exhibition 2023!

Something that I’ve learned in PLP is to be on my toes at all times. We just had our spring exhibition which went really well including the fact that we found out a week before about it before it happened.  I was assigned the business Astoria Column in Astoria, Oregon. A couple weeks before we … [Read more…]

tPol 2023!!!

To be honest I thought I had way more time before my Tpol happened. It probably didn’t help that I left the country for a week. Instead of writing this Tpol as a way to talk about what I’m not good at, I would rather write my Tpol about how I’ve grown and improved from … [Read more…]

Oregon trip 2023

Going Coastal 2023 Click to read this book, made with Book Creator read.bookcreator.com About a week ago I got back from my schools trip to Oregon. It truly is such an amazing experience to go on a trip with your friends and classmates. If it was with any other group ( like my family ) … [Read more…]

Consequences of Colonization!

This project started off on a rough patch but I enjoyed it because we fit in a couple extra projects for fun. To start off out learning, out teacher tried to show us how to become historians and analyze people to learn more information. To start off our project we learned about snaidanac ( which … [Read more…]